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High quality and high quantity is a rare commodity on the internet, especially in the area of fiction.  Artist Bros. is the only web site of its kind where those in search of stories online can read the entire text and not merely sample chapters from a book you have to buy.  And, if you want your work exposed to the world at the Internet's prose headquarters, you can become a writer and show your imaginative talents in episodes of existing serials or a new serial that you write!  We also produce stand-alone stories as well and since this is all done in our spare time for free, everybody involved will need help from inspired writers with a creative imagination.

Stories already in production are also open for contribution and as a writer, you are privy to pre-release drafts and information about up coming serials and stories.   You'll have the opportunity to contribute to stories that AB is already writing as well as the ability to introduce, produce and maintain your own series.

Since episodes are released on a television time-based schedule (weekly on a specific day), serials have a tighter schedule than stand-alone stories.  However, episodes are written 6-8 months in advance--there are approximately 26 episodes per season (year) and seasons begin September and end on the last week of May the following year.

Artist Bros. will not cancel any series for lack of hits.  Most serials receive approximately 200 hits a week if they're extremely popular.  Otherwise, an average episode will receive a hit count of 35-55 a week (similar to ratings for television).   Your series will have as many seasons as you are willing to produce (unless it is apart of our yearly fan-sentai library).  Authors reserve the right to request their material be removed from our distribution web pages.

Rights of the Writer

Writers are granted full content control of episodes not co-produced by other Artist Bros. writers.  This means that Artist Bros. Productions will not censor issues or topics a series addresses.  To ensure wider audiences, Artist Bros. Entertainment has adopted the rating system US television broadcasting stations use for their programs.   Writers are giving the responsibility of labeling their program appropriately (Web-Y, Web-E, Web-T or Web-A).  For information on what criteria determines Artist Bros. Entertainment's web ratings, click here.   MS-DOS ASCII text files sent to Artist Bros. Productions will be formatted with headers, credits and disclaimer footer prior to distribution.  Spelling and grammar is the responsibility of the writer for all stories not co-produced by other Artist Bros. writers.

Co-Produced Material

Stories and/or serials produced by independent writers volunteering to write their own Artist Bros. series can be co-written by Artist Bros. Production's staff writers.   What follows also applies to writers contributing to existing serials or stand-alone stories currently in production.  AB Productions' writers will be responsible for editing episodes for space considerations (episodes for a half-hour series are required to be between 620 and 690 lines of content excluding headers, credits, story breaks and disclaimer footer).  Episodes in production will be written by a writer until he or she feels they want content from AB's writer.  They may complete an episode and leave notes indicating to an AB writer what scenes they should write/modify/attempt improvement on.  E-Mail communication regarding an episode is encouraged to ensure each writer creates material that each other would likely be most satisfied with.

Once episodes have been completed, the AB writer co-producing the series completes the final draft after editing and checking plot continuity as well as other errors (names, places, grammar and spelling) prior to being presented to the volunteering writer.  He or she may reject the final version before it is released.  If it is rejected, the writer may only submit suggestions of what needed to be in the episode that may have been omitted for length's sake; however, it is recommended volunteer writers also suggest what should be edited in its place (regardless of who wrote it).  Truncated sections will be replaced within the episode and the AB writer will delete the other sections/scenes in their place.  Except for fan-sentai episodes, if an episode must include more than what is allowed for one episode, it may be split into a two or more part episode (mini-series).

Artist Bros. Productions reserves the right to...

    ...reject any and all stories pitched.

    ...release episodes behind schedule for reasons, circumstances and situations beyond the control of Artist Bros. Enterprises.



You will be forwarded fan-mail but you will never directly receive harassing, threatening or otherwise junk mail.  Only your name (or pseudonym) will be used in credits and links for e-mail will arrive at Artist Bros. Enterprises' central mail collection site where you will be forwarded mail from fans with the option to respond with your own e-mail address.  This is done also to prevent businesses and other people from collecting your address from our web pages for advertisement purposes.

These are the official terms and conditions set forth by Artist Bros. Entertainment for writers choosing to volunteer their creative talents and imagination to the cause of high quality stories online.  These rules are set forth for the purpose of ensuring that Artist Bros. is not forced to distribute text management believes to be inappropriate for this web site.  Additionally, this is to help writers feel secure their work will not be censored due to superfluous concerns of being politically incorrect.  Art is not to be judged but to be enjoyed by all those whom can appreciate it for one person's idea of a masterpiece is another's idea of what a waste of time is.  If you agree or do not agree, please choose from the following selections:

1 I Agree to the above Terms and Conditions 2

I Do Not Agree, take me back to your homepage

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