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In another solar system along the outter-rim of the Milky Way galaxy, a planet known to itself as Chromion supported inorganic intelligent life in the form of fully-sentient, multi-functional automatons. Self-perceived imperfections led the Chromions to attempt a biological improvement project in which their positronic neuro-net would facilitate a more effeciently thinking electronic brain. These proto-type robots would be called ProcBots (PROto-type Chromion roBots). However, when they reached and then exceeded the level of intelligence common for Chromions, they saw themselves as slaves and guniea pigs. The ProcBots gained independence through terrorist acts and began an attempt to take over the world by force.

Civilian Chromions demanded action from their leaders and so elite teams of warrior robots were manufactured similarly to Chromions--only with weapons and special combat training to defend the planet. Robon Warriors were enlisted to fight them but the ProcBots retaliated with a squadron of battle ProcBots known as the ComBots. However, they had done something the Chromions thought impossible. Combine four and five robots into one giant. Each ComBot team were named according to the vehicle they combined through.

The defense scientists had to match the ComBots ability to unite otherwise the Chromions would be doomed. Robon Warriors under-went a conversion to unite as one robot through a vehicle to fight the ComBots. However, by this time, the Chromions almost lost the war. So, in an effort to seek additional resources, maybe allies or even an alternate home--one Robon crew was sent on a starship to accomplish this goal.

A trio of Naval ProcBots and the Tank ComBot battle team followed the Robon warriors and eventually engaged in interstellar warfare leading to both space vessels crashing on Earth in Southern California. And, dragged beneath the ocean by the Robon rocket ship were five lifeguards. Only four of which survived.

They were let inside of the Robon vessel to save their lives but soon they had to face the ProcBots that had landed on Earth as they intended to use the world's resources and exterminate its population. However, the Robon warriors were unfortunately defeated by Decimatron--the tank ComBot force combined and RoboMan almost died.

Understanding man kind required a way to protect itself from the ProcBots, the dying Robon provided special disc badges to be imbedded within the four lifeguard's bodies so that they may become the Robon warriors. Using their bodies, powers and weapons--these four humans alone would be the one force protecting us from the cold, steel machines that threaten the planet Earth.

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