Earth Defender Roboman


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>Weapons and Mecha

Robon Weapons


Personal transportation for the Robon warriors is provided by the stealth air ship Rocore. The voice-commanded jet fighter becomes the head, torso and hips for RoboMan by raising its wings onto its shoulder blades, extending its afterburner section further down to create the abs and dropping its nose into its chest.


RoboMan is united through Golden and Silver Robon warriors transforming the arms by rotating their heads into their backs, locking their arms into their chest and hooking the black, rectangular backpacks onto their feet; and, the Blue and Pink Robon warriors transforming into the legs by back-flipping onto the back backpacks extending at the end of their arms while their legs becoming larger legs. Out of each black backpacks comes a fist and foot and combined through Rocore at the hip and shoulder sockets, they become RoboMan.

ProcBot Weapons


Personal transportation for the ComBots is provided by the heavily armored tank, Toncur. The voice-commanded vehicle becomes the body of Decimatron.


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