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Aaron E. Lifeson

Born in raised in Venice, California; he moved to the southbay when the neighborhood got too rough. Aquatic activities have been his prime interest since, when he was young, her seldom had the opportunity to go swimming whenever his parents would take him to the public pool during the hotter months. This rare experience led him to join the school swim team when he was on it and won trophies. He later swam for charity and volunteered during the summer to be a lifeguard's assistant until becoming one himself and earning a badge with the Los Angeles County Fire Department as an official lifeguard.
Aaron is the type of man to help other people out above and beyond what most people would be willing to do. In his spare time, he learns Japanese Karate from Brad.

Brad Seed

Also a fan of water sports, Brad was a surfer for years until his friends all turned to drugs and unlawful activity like tagging and even shoplifting. Leaving them was too dangerous and privately acquired training from his gym teacher's best friend Mamoru Okuda to deal with them after school. He became a lifeguard as a way to patrol the beach for trouble he recognizes without being in uniform. Brad's basic philosophy is to protect people from trouble rather than to actively pursue troublemakers.

David Sykes

Became a lifeguard from when he lost his brother at the ocean. David grew up his parents favorite child which his younger brother always percieved as a good thing. Little did everyone know that his popularity always placed high expectations on him. And even though he'd been good with computers since he was nine, when David wanted to save lives; people were disappointed in him. Carefree people think he's too up-tight for an intimate relationship while intellectuals would never go beyond friendship.
To help David with his confidence--Brad shows self-defense moves to him.

Amanda Waterman

Born and raised in England in the United Kingdom, her family moved to California before graduating to Junior Highschool level in the United States. It took Amanda years to get used to the American way and had wanted a career outdoors away from florescent lights and freon cooled offices with coworkers and supervisors. Well, being a lifeguard, she would have the last two but getting to swim--her favorite hobby and a skill she seemed to had been born with makes up for it. Her swimming abillities were merely refined by training as a lifeguard but nothing introduced to Amanda. David acquired her attention from being unlike any American she'd ever encountered before.


One of the five Robon Warriors whom trekked from Chromion to find resources to fight the war on that world against the ProcBots. Tyrannotron and a squadron of ComBots stalked their starship but the deep-space battle led to both vessels crash landing on Earth. The damage to the RoboMan vehicle so great, Lynx was presumed killed when Engineering was destroyed. However, he was awakened by the removal of the RoboRazor sword and used an escape pod to build underground headquarters for the Robon on Earth within Terminal Island south of Long Beach.
The ProcBots were an experiment conducted by the Chromions to improve their mechanical construct to facilitate more effencient minds. However, the ProcBots gained independance and thought themselves superior to their creators and saught to take over their own world. The RoboMan forces were constructed to fight them but were losing because they were actually more intelligent. However, the ProcBots have no regard for life and saw no harm in sacrificing, what they saw to be drags on the new, more perfect society they were creating. The RoboMan escaped to seek resources and maybe even allies to help them stop the ProcBots but they were followed by seven ProcBots--four of which an elite team of warriors known as the ComBots. They damaged each others space vessels and ended up crash-landing on Earth.


Captain of the Voyager ProcBot team dispatched to seek and destroy the Robon starship using their stealth vessel. Now leader of the Earth team of ProcBots, he serves as the commander in cheif supervising all missions and leading critical missions against the RoboMan team.


Deploridon is Tyrannotron's personal assistant and is second in command of the Earth-bound ProcBot forces. He commands no personal authority over the ProcBot team except for in the absense of Tyrannotron or during his personal authorization. Deploridon is often sent by Tyrannotron to lead critical missions in the city when Tyrannotron does not command the operation himself.


Chief Engineer and Technology Consultant, Virex was deligated the responsibility of calculating and acquiring all environmental and meteorological data regarding Earth and biological information on Human Beings. Virex worked with ComBot Ivicon to construct robot warriors known at BotMasters to outnumber the RoboMan team. He's the least combat worthy but the most dangerous in ability to find the best way to defeat his enemies.


Deals directly with Tyrannotron in receiving orders for his team of ComBots. Their special forces are the ProcBots typically mobilized to strike against the Robon team. Especially in case they unite to form RoboMan; the ComBots can join through Toncur to become Decimatron. Abominor is not particularlly intelligent but is extremely durible and very loyal with a sense of dedication to the task at hand.


Expert swordsman, ThunderBelt is the most dangerous ProcBot on the Earth and enjoys conquest so he eagerly meets the challenges the Robon present. Not intelligent, similarly to Abominor but less dedicated to his work. ThunderBelt is more concerned with personal victory versus team-achieved successess. As a result, he is the first to quit a battle he knows he will lose.


Stealthon wishes to retain a low profile so he has never strived to become a commander on any level despite being more intelligent than Abominor. He has better strategy than ThunderBelt too but is slower than most of the team so he relies on stealth through invisibility.


While not good at close range combat, Ivicon is better at distance-based warfare through electronic sabatoge and remote conflict. He is the driver of Toncur and works closely with Virex for the development of advanced technology. As a great sense of curiosity and is more pre-occupied with investigating unknown things than the mission. Ivicon is not terribly strong but small enough to move quickly.
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