B.S. Trippers

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Artist Brothers Productions Slumlord, otherwise known as Karl Jinxter, ruthless industrialist, leads his army of badly designed robots from the virtual world into the real world to take over.  And it's up to Ryan Steele and his friends J.B. and Kaitlin Starr to suit up as the BS Trippers and trash the bad guys in another heart-stopping, nail-bitting drama jam-packed with recycled Japanese footage.  Oh yeah, and Ryan's father's been missing for ten years.  You'll have to listen to him talk about that at the beginning of every episode.  Enjoy!


 Main Cast: Ryan Steel . . . . . . BS Tripper I

            J.B. Reecies . . . . . BS Tripper II

            Kaitlin Star . . . . . BS Tripper III

            Percival Rooney  . . . Geeky and Unnecessary Comic Relief

            Woody  . . . . . . . . That guy who sounds JUST like Squatt on
                                   Pathetic Rangers!  And editor in cheif
                                   at the Daily Underpants.

            Karl Jinxter . . . . . Slumlord

            Professor Phart  . . . The weird guy on the TV in the wall.

Written By: Ondre Lombard
            Dairenn Lombard
            Kevin Sigmund
Number Title Released Based On
| |#1 |The Horror Begins, Part One |9/8/1998 |The Battle Begins, Part One

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