Beverly Tenmei; Yellow EarthAstro Ranger It was decided right from the very beginning there was going to be a sixth Astroranger. The five-members-only super-sentai series' have been reserved for future productions. Anyway, there were many ideas of who this sixth Astroranger was going to be. First of all, it was going to be a blue ranger to represent the color of the planet Earth. Also, it was going to be a man by the name of Ben, who was a hobbyist astronomer (to coincide with the whole astral theme). The problem with Ben was that he was hardly as interesting as a character as would be needed for someone as powerful as the sixth, new and supposedly more powerful Astroranger.

Beverly Tenmei is the most unique and original character developed for a super-hero series yet. Tenmei is a Japanese lesbian police officer with a black belt in Kajukemo and is an astronomer as merely a hobby. She is the first female to be the add-on ranger in any super-sentai (fan-written or actual). There is currently _no_ openly homosexual hero character that the producers of Astroranger are familiar with. We wanted to be the ones to say that you can be different still be powerful. Also--ironically the word 'lesbian' _never_ appears in any episode of Astroranger.

Beverly is a member of the Los Angeles Police Department because the author of Astroranger is a seventeen year resident of the city of Los Angeles. What you might find on an average episode of Cops, a network movie of the week and so on offer somewhat inaccurate portrayals of police work. The police in general are depicted as either incompetent or ineffective in their duties who, at the same time are undoubtedly corrupted by their so-called power. On the contrary. . .

These men and women in uniform are highly trained professionals who place themselves between us, the citizens, and the violent that plague metropolitan streets. Other than NBC's classic series Hunter, no other television or motion-picture production has come close to reality. And now, Astroranger attempts to do away with these stereotypes as well.

Other than knowing the police in Japan are trained in some martial-arts, this sixth Astroranger needed to be supreme in combat ability. Beverly has supposedly extensive training in Kajukemo even though her moves in episodes seldom reflect this. It is difficult enough as it is to construct readable actions scenes without attempting to describe complex movements unique to their particular styles.

Her pet dog is a siberian husky named King. There are two reasons for this; it is in homage to two different series. One is an old radio drama classic known as The Challenge of The Yukon featuring Sgt. Preston and his dog Yukon King. Preston, a member of the Northwest Mounted Police of Canada, King, a siberian husky, led his dog team through the territory inhabited by seekers of gold. The notion of an intelligent dog helping out in police work was appealing so King was selected. Additionally, the name 'King' is in homage to the super-sentai by Toei released in 1995 called Chouriki Sentai Ohrenjaa (Super Powered Task Force OhRangers). Their sixth ranger was called Kingranger.

Beverly's uniform color holds two symbols. First, Yellow is the Chinese color for Earth. Second, it is supposedly most homosexual's favorite color. Ironically, Sasha, her girlfriend, always wears blue (the color that the EarthAstro ranger was supposed to be). Beverly is Japanese because it is a general tribute to the origin of tokusatsu.

Obscure details of Beverly's involvement in Galaxy Task Force Astroranger dates back to episode No. 6 "High Speed Brainwashing". She and her partner are found witnessing the destruction caused by Titan-Tortan. By episode No. 11, "Smog", she re-appears as the controversial activist who protests environmental laws being vetoed by City Hall. Dave gains a romantic interest in her for being different from most humans, he considers generally inferior as a species. She and Dave make contact at a gym where they both happen to go to work out. Dave is confused by Beverly when she exhibits extreme gratitude to his alter ego, MarsAstro.

Due to Dave's pursuit of her, Beverly re-appears as a guest star for multiple episodes. Her most involved appearance is in Episode No. 20, "Vampire Attack". Here, she and her friend Sasha Castillo (mentioned in Episode No. 17, "Arson! Attack of the Evil Dragon") along with Amy visit the mall when Dave discovers Sasha and Beverly playfully kissing. Hints of her sexual preference are original revealed in episode No. 12 when Amy picks up on Beverly's attraction to her.

She disappears from the episodes for a while as we explore Dave's personality more so. However, Beverly re-appears as a permanent member of the Astroranger task force in episode No. 26, "The Search" as EarthAstro.

The device on her right hip that resembles a mobile telephone called the PortaSensor is named for a multi-track cassette recording machine called the PortaStudio. The PortaStudio developed by TEAC's subsidiary Tascam is what most home studios are based on for low-budget recording projects. Unfortunately, the creative consultant for Astroranger, Hideo Miyake, believes this is more similar to the word: PortaPotty.

Beverly is named for every single crush the author has ever had: Beverly from Universal's "Howard the Duck", Beverly Leech who played Kate Monday on Square One TV's "MathNet" series and Beverly Crusher on Paramount's "Star Trek: The Next Generation" series.