Messuta (a.k.a., Ron); White MercuryAstro Ranger Messuta is a modification of Mebsuta, a star in the Gemini constellation believed to be ruled by Mercury, according to astrologists. According the Mercury's mythological past, it is the god of communication, knowledge, transportation and logic. With that being said (in no particular order), Messuta happens to pilot the fastest HydroCycle and TurboShuttle. He understands Terranian's battle technology most and is most instrumental when they need somebody with the ability to think fast intellectually and logically.

Mercury, otherwise known as QuickSilver, reflects itself in MercuryAstro's fighting style full of escapes, gymnastic and acrobatic combat techniques. Since Mercury personalities are supposed to be very easy to get along with because they can adapt to others so well, Messuta naturally follows suit. The only problem with Mercury character traits is that they are transparent and that they are usually a different version of themselves depending on the person they are communicating to at the time.