Galaxy Task Force Astroranger

By order of Lord Vahora, King of the Nazitan Monarchy on the planet Procyon III of the Canis Minor solar system, Adol the Great has been sent to Earth's Solar system and use Pluto as his outpost. The Nazitans are going extinct after being in existance for over 80,000 years and thus wish to perpetuate themselves by taking over other civilzations. Adol operates in concert with Tortan, Ginara, Pleadia and Igan. Accompanied by 50 Cybo-Eggs and 100 Armitons, armed automatons, Adol proceeds to Pluto to build his underground chamber.

Terrania, a world in the upper-most subatomic vibrational spectrum of Earth's dimensional layers, and it's people discovered our existance shortly after several unexplained explosions in two of their major cities more than a half a century ago. The Uton Government of Terrania discovered from their scientists' research that nuclear fission had transended from Earth to Terrania. Meaning, the two atomic bombs were dropped in Japan during 1945, the atomic reaction continued throughout all diemensions of Earth including Terrania. Since then, several undercover Terranians have been sent to keep Man from the brink of nuclear self-destruction.

Stationed at Griffith Observatory in Southern California as an astronomer, Commander Leto, known by his human co-workers as Aaron Hanson, kept watch over life on earth for almost two decades. Hanson finds the vessel taking the Nazitans to Pluto and reports his findings to the Uton Defense Department.

An extraterrestrial celestial orbiter to house their headquarters, suits, weapons and AstroShuttles was built and sent to stay in synchronous orbit with the dark side of Earth's Moon so it could stay out of sight and monitor the Earth. Subsequently, the finest battle team the Uton Security Task Force had known, the Galaxy Task Force: Astrorangers, were asked to accept the mission of protecting the Solar System.

Sheratan, Australis, Messuta, Lotia and Nashiran assumed the identies of five working-class adults, Dave, Will, Ron, Amy and Tom living together in a house provided by Commander Leto in Los Angeles where the first attack from the Nazitans was waged. All wearing golden rings featuring their Genesis Gem Stones they may ChangeForm to Astrorangers by shouting "AstroCharge" and are then instantly given the strength and endurance of ten healthy male adults to protect the Earth.

Meanwhile, Detective Kathy Sanchez and Detective Frank Mahoney from L.A.P.D.'s Headquarters, Parker Center become involved in the crisis of the Astroranger's battles with the Nazitan's Cyborgs and Armitons attempting to discover why they are here and who they are.

Officer Beverly Tenmei, a member of the K-9 division with her pet dog King, is involved when she discovers she is Lotia's half-sister. Beverly obtains the sixth, most powerful GeneGem Ring: Jade and becomes EarthAstro. With the aide of her Celestial Weapons, the Lightning Daggers and the yellow HydroCycle, she also pilots the AirShuttle--resembling a fighter jet craft. When uniting with AstroMan, AirShuttle transforms it into AstroRobo, increasing its height by 25 feet and giving it more power.

The Nazitans divert their attack to other worlds in other dimensions when they discover the all mighty Infinitum Genesis Ring. This gold ring shaped like a side-ways 8 smashed into the sun and the nine fragments attracted material to themselves to form the planets of our solar systems. Now billions of years later, the fragments known as the solar spheres become the object of the Nazitan's focus. If they can unite this ring, they will have more power than the Astrorangers could ever hope to defeat.


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