Galaxy Task Force Astroranger

Weapons, Mecha and More!


The Astrorangers are armed with two sorts of weapons. The Moleculatom Blaster/Dagger and the Celestial Weapons. The Celestial Weapons are reserved for combat with skilled or extremely powerful adversaries due to the difficulty of their usage and magnitude of destructive force. The Moleculatom Blasters are primarily used against the Armitons because it can remove vast numbers with little difficulty and because Armitons require little force to be removed, The Moleculatom Blasters and Daggers can be used in hand to hand combat And in long-range battle.

Moleculatom LiteDagger/LightBlaster

Molecular/Atomic Manipulated Transformation Unit type V

On each AstroSuit's belt is a holster that holds the Moleculatom Light Blaster/Dagger. The firing sequences is as follows:

  1. A photon beam is emitted, specially designed to carry special atoms to the target. These atoms called Rydberg atoms have "excited" electron particals which orbit 1,000 times the diameter of an ordinary atom).
  2. Once this beam reaches the target--an electromagnet is energized. When an electromagnetic field reaches Rydberg atoms, an ionized field is created.
  3. Once the beam is fully ionized, a spark of electricity is generated which reaches the ionized beam.
  4. The ionized photon beam pulls the electricity to the target.
The effect is a yellow ray followed by a bright blue (almost white) beam of light; The Uton Defense Department developed this weapon before they discovered how to fabricate Genesis Gemstones because they found out that lightning is created when positive ions on the ground or between clouds are created and then negative ions are introduced which build up electricity and thus lightning. (The sound of thunder comes from the cold air rising to extremely hot temperatures within very little time in an atmosphere where sound can travel.)

The effect of electricity hitting the target depends on the level of voltage at which the unit has been adjusted to. It can be set manually however for pre-set values have been installed by the manufacturer: Stun, Shock, Live Cell/Tissue/Nerve Damage and Fatal Electrocution.

The other function of the Moleculatom Light Daggers are that when turned up side down so that the photon beam emitter and main power unit are facing the ground, the hand sensor grid signals a ROM based program stored at the Astroranger Spacebase which replicates a dagger. The Moleculatom Light Dagger blade is formed by using a chriogenically frozen form of liquid metal substance unknown to human science stronger than Earth's strongest metals (the same metalic substance woeven into strains of fiber creating the super-strong felxiable AstroSuit).

The substance is de-molecularized and re-molecularized to match the molecular strcture pattern recorded in the program. That pattern was recorded by scanning a real dagger's blade without its hilt. Activation only requires the Ranger to place his/her fist at the bottom of the hilt and pull away slowly in a straight line. This will generate a white light (as the blade is reforming). The fist may be removed when the blade is formed (in 1.6 seconds).

The blade can be forced back into its raw liquid-metalic form by doing the same thing in reverse and the blade shall be recycled. This method was selected by the Uton Advanced High-Energy Weapons Department because any damage to the blade would not render the entire weapon useless and makes the weapon easier to store in a smaller space.

Additionally, a Moleculatom Light Dagger may be droped at three meters on solid pavement and remained undamaged (up to and including five impacts). THis is due to the extreme circumstances such weapons undergo during combat. The metalic plastic developed for Ranger helmets were used in the molding of the Moleculatom Dagger's chasis so that no futher weight be added to the device.

Celestial Weapons

Each weapon a ranger has is stored within their individual cases at the Astroranger base installed in molecular dematerialization/rematerialization transceivers in the high-security storage vault above the above the operations deck.

Weapons are transfered to any desired location within 50 A.U.'s of the base via subatomic transporation. The weapon is rapidly 'taken apart' on the molecular level, stored within the computer's RAM matrix and sent via artificial subatmoic particals to any ranger (at 2c) decoded into a physical form by the GeneGem crystal's resonator. This is approximately the same method used to materialize the suit on the Ranger.

Celestial Weapons






Combined use of powers may form the Cosmic Missile.

Lightning Daggers


The method of perpetual internal power generation of GeneGems were discovered 151 years ago (93 years before the Terranian Civial World War) by the International Government of Uton's Department of Energy Resources.

Four years later, the Department of Defence found this vast energy resource as the answer to the problems of limited power for tactical methods being developed such as the G.M.A.I.V. (Giant Manned Artificial-Intelligence Vehicles) and (five years later) the Team-GMAIV's (uniting G.M.A.I.V.'s) which took 61 years before plans, funding, crew, construction, testing and perfection made them ready for service. These AIV's proved invaluably useful 28 years later when the Civil War broke out.

It was battle-team Astro with their newly completed 9th A.I.V. which had ended the war a year after it was comissioned. During the last 27 years before peace ended, eight A-I-V's were completed. Even though Australis had the opportunity to assume command of Team-GMAIV IX that beat the new power that caused the cival war (The Gatalib Monarchy) because he already was FireRanger of the four-part battle team-Environmental (Team-GMAIV VIII).

If the power of the Shuttle Fleet is required, the Ranger can call it by saying, "Shuttle Power Command!". The StarBuckle will use power from their GeneGem to transmit the simplistic 'initiation code' to the base to call their ships into action (deployed from anti-grav. chambers inside the Astroranger base under the habitable decks).

Flagship of AstroShuttle Fleet


Green Starship


Black Rocket Ship


White Rocket Ship


Pink Cargo Space Shuttle


Photo Unavailable -- TOP SECRET


Rocket fuel source is condensed synthetic hydrogen (subatmospheric flight) and molecular acceleration. Molecular Accelerators are 200,000 Gauss electromagets creating opposing magnetic fields which are pushing the craft through space.

Electromagnets are powered by Graviton Energy-to-Energy reactors (G-force energy is recovered by unknown an means for conversion into raw energy used to power the electromagnets). As little as 1g may be collected in order to produce enough energy to move 32mi/sec. Structural Integrity Fields make up half the E/E Reactor's consumption (merely reused graviton energy to retain ship rigidity).

Click here to view AstroShuttle Console blueprint.

The cockpit of each AstroShuttle is a modual tied, with metal laces, to a 0-G chamber to minimize direct contact from external impacts as much as possible. The cockpit's local computer is linked to the rest of the vehicle's computer and digital cable network through two (primary and suplimentary) optical fiber data cable protected by impact-resistant synthetic rubber. Electronic communications to and from the cockpit is initated through optical binary code (one particular flash of light reflected along the FODL is interpreted as either a 1 or 0). Error correction software in both computers on the vehicle's local network makes the best possible determiniation of either before passing it to the software that has to read this data in the event data transmission is distorted.

The Operations Console is divided into four sections. Navigation, Communication, Tatical and Sensory.

Plans for the new AirShuttle are to make the Steering spool be changed into a wheel, creating an altitude lever instead of a slider-pot, change the accelerator into a knob and have weapons entirely controled by joystick. Other functions will be changed into single-button commands on a membrane keyboard.



The AstroShuttles may be united to form a 50-meter tall Robot with remarkable life-like movement (which can be accredited to the team of programmers who coded the Artificial-Intelligence programs). Just like the human brain, several system daemons within the FODN-linked FTL-nanoprocessors operate in concert to create a fully self-aware artificial organism. Some daemons contribute to motor function while other deal with routine activity such as keeping hydrolics-pressure within normal operating parameters.

AstroMan's arsenal is as follows: AstroMan is capable of widthstanding several conventional bombs and missiles and can destroy a large metropolitan city within minutes. Because of this, AstroMan was brought to this dimention in an attempt to stop whatever the Nazitans will bring to Earth.



When AirShuttles lands on the shoulders of AstroMan, the nose comes down to show the face of AstroRobo. The new 175-foot tall robot resulting from EarthAstro's yellow AstroShuttle joining AstroMan. AstroRobo's primary weapon for it's final attack is the Solar Power Flare. Strong rays of sunlight from the cannons on the wings of AirShuttle atop AstroMan. AstroRobo may also take flight for short periods of time.


Astroranger Spacebase

To keep from being picked up by instruments on Earth and in orbit of Earth, Terrania built a standard Mission Control Station, however, they had to heavily redesign a Planetary Orbitor Probe (POP) used for studying planets, moons, stars, et cetera. Fortunately, there were already 4 decks and 2 elevators onboard for manned POP Missions. Modual T2-M#1701 was taken and remodeled to have MCS equipment. Attempts at getting the POP hardware to cooperate with MCS station software failed so they built a new T2-M#1701 and called it the T4-M#1-C.

The T4-M#1-C (known as the Astroranger Spacebase) was mounted with every instrument and software application known to Uton Science and Defense. These programs were installed onboard the fastest computers and digital electronic networks. Though memory and bandwidth is plentiful, upgrade kits are available to fabricate new materials and are being updated all the time.

The Astroranger Spacebase is an opal colored globe that was fabricated in outer-space by manually-operated robot station (0-G Fabrication Plant #45). (These are used for constructing starships, POPs and other large space crafts too large to be brought from the surface.) It was placed in synchronous orbit with the dark-side of the moon to stay out of contact of Earth based (and orbiting) observation stations. Remote subatomic manipulation rays allowed them to place the Astroranger Spacebase in our dimension.

Onboard, Floor A is a white chamber. Directly fore of the entrance is a 4.8 x 2.5 meter Active Matrix Color Monitor which normally displays a view of Earth from outter space, however, it may be easily re-configured to display information, graphics and more. Onboard the Astroranger Spacebase are instruments mounted to provide a telescopic view of outter space and high-resolution images of events occuring anywhere on Earth. The chamber is lit by the entire cealing florescent lights mounted above a transparent screen.

On the right wall are wall-mounted workstations that are composed of a slanted backlit membrane keyboard with microphone, three speakers, trackball and 16-million color CRT display monitor built into the wall at that station.
Station #1 is Mission Operations and is located the closest to the primary monitor. Station #2 is Science Operations. Station #3 is Environmental Operations. Station #4 Engineering. Station #5 is Communication.

On the opposite wall are Remote Control stations for each AstroShuttle.
Station #1 nearest the primary monitor is for CommandShuttle, #2 is for CombatShuttle, #3 is for SolarShuttle, #4 is for TurboShuttle and #5 is for RescueShuttle.

Floor B is a duplicate MCS designed for backup purposes. It operates off of a separate power supply and computer system & network which is protected and kept on stand-by on a continuous basis in event of emergency situations.

Floor C is high security chamber which is lit from the floor up. This station houses the AstroSuits and Celestial Weapons on the Right and Left walls. Both are encased in the wall behind transparent access plates. Inside these stalls are molecular scanners. They are read into the computer and are uploaded to the photon matter emtter to be beamed to the carrier of the Genesys GemStone upon transformation. A similar process is used for the weapons. Directly in front of the main entrance is a storage cabinet mounted inside of the wall which contained the Astroranger Genesys Gemstones.

This computer system mounted on the same network is accessable from a stand-alone terminal (back-lit membrane keyboard, trackball, microphone, 2-speakers & and 14" Active Matrix Color Display) accompanied by a single chair at the center of the chamber. Hand, voice, and eye print along with nine character alpha-numeric password is required to gain entry without a Genesys Gemstone.

Floor D which makes up the bottom half of the Astroranger Spacebase is the shuttle bay which house the five AstroShuttles. The shuttle bay has an operations control both which has a window into the main bay as well as 2 CRT monitors mounted above the window point down at the operator. The operations console consists of the standard back-lit membrane keyboard, trackball, microphone and 3-speakers).

Atmospheric integrity is maintained by means of an annular forcefield, which permits bay doors to remain open for vehicular ingress and egress without depressurizing the bay.

The Astroranger Base is capable of Deep-space observation, scientific experiments, tactical and defense operations and emergency/rescue operations. Transport to and from the Astroranger Base is provided by quantum resoluation dematerialization/rematerialization chambers located onboard the Spacebase and within Mt. Hollywood in Griffith Park, California.

Genesis Gem

Each GeneGem (genesis gem stone) is powered by terratons, an energy source derived from the Corona of the Sun and is extracted by means of energy duplication (resonating on the similar wave length). This essentially makes each GeneGem a miniature star. Energy output of a GeneGem was messured at 1/1,000th the sun itself. This method of perpetual internal power generation was discovered 151 years ago (93 years before the Terranian Civial World War) by the International Government of Uton's Department of Energy Resources.

A new experimental gem stone was being fabricated at Terrania City, Uton in 1994 (by North American calendars). It would resonate with the user's planet's cosmic vibrational output and reproduce it. However, due to an industrial accident, the crystal was lost without trace. It was believed that the new method being used to power the gem was at fault.

Ranger Suit


Doning the golden rings holding the GeneGem, one may shout "Astro Charge!", they ChangeForm into their AstroSuit. A fully protected in battle-ready, atmospherically adjusted uniform which brings their current strength, energy and dexterity to the power of 2.

Comes with Silver belt, boots and gloves with wrist guards (underwhich a wireless microphone exists).


HydroCycle (typ.)

The Astrorangers are provided with land/air transporation so they may move quickly to situations where their assistance is required. And because the AstroShuttles are too massive for traveling just a mile or two, light-weight and easily manueverable vehicles known as the HydroCycles. Motorcycles that are driven by the thrust of highly pressurized hydrogen-oxygen.

HydroCycles have rear-wheel guards that fan out to form wings and extend. On the wings are cylinders which pull air through the jets at 8,000 RPMs.



The PortaScanner is a hand-held scanning device owned by EarthAstro. It is most often mounted on her belt's right holster, opposite the Moleculatom Dagger on her left. It resembles a cellular flip-phone but performs biological, geological and meterological scans on animate and inanimate objects of both artificial and natural composition. It may perform limited physiological scans to check vital signs as well.


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