Galaxy Task Force Astroranger

Episode List

  1. Dawn of Destruction (2/21/97)
  2. We Need A Hero (2/28/97)
  3. Trapped! The City is Vulnerable (3/7/97)
  4. Fly!! The Machines... (3/14/97)
  5. Never Ending Appetite (3/21/97)
  6. Epic Destruction (3/27/97)
  7. High Speed Brainwashing (4/4/97)
  8. Invisible Forces (4/18/97)
  9. I Know (4/25/97)
  10. Smog (5/2/97)
  11. Awaken Galaxy Task Force (5/9/97)
  12. Possessed! Beware the Demon Water (5/16/97)
  13. Theives (5/23/97)
  14. More Than Meets the Eye (5/30/97)
  15. Drunk!! The Lust of VenusAstro (6/6/97)
  16. Arson! Attack of the Evil Dragon (6/13/97)
  17. A Tyrannosaurus Wreck (6/20/97)
  18. In Too Deep (6/27/97)
  19. Vampire Attack (7/4/97)
  20. Awakening (7/11/97)
  21. Critical Condition!! The Showdown (7/18/97)
  22. Verbatim (7/25/97)
  23. No Longer the Cloaked Dagger (8/1/97)
  24. Evil Mecha Arrives! (8/8/97)
  25. The Search (8/15/97)
  26. Triumph of EarthAstro (8/22/97)
  27. Begin the Quest for Power (8/29/97)
  28. Stand!! EarthAstro's Gigantic Robot! (9/5/97)
  29. The Deep Freeze (9/12/97)
  30. Unite! The Heros of Love (9/19/97)
  31. Betrayal! EarthAstro's Diabolical Attack (9/26/97)
  32. Chaos on Saturn (10/3/97)
  33. His Final Destiny?! Australis is Lost! (10/10/97)
  34. Deadly Arrow (10/17/97)
  35. The Return of JupiterAstro (10/24/97)
  36. Mummified (10/31/97)
  37. Gone!! Memories of our Heros (11/7/97)
  38. Remember? You Love Me (11/14/97)
  39. Abducted! Beverly's Darkest Day (11/21/97)
  40. Take No Prisoners (11/28/97)
  41. Ultimatum (12/5/97)
  42. Epic Destruction (12/12/97)
  43. Seized! The Espionage of AstroMan! (1/2/98)
  44. Reclaim! The Warrior Robot is Ours Again!! (1/9/98)
  45. Terrorism (1/16/98)
  46. The Fatal Encounter (1/23/98)
  47. Begin the Final Battle (1/30/98)
  48. Fallen! AstroMan's Apocalypse (2/6/98)
  49. I Will Win! (2/13/98)

Episode Guide (Synopsises included)

#1, "Dawn of Destruction"
The Nazitans: Adol (their leader), Tortan and Ginara (their warriors), Pleadia and Igan install their headquarters under the surface of Pluto while Aaron Hanson from Griffith Observatory escort Will, Dave, Tom, Ron and Amy into Los Angeles. The Nazitan's space craft is sent to Earth on auto-pilot to declare and wage war on Earth's military forces. It is known that Aaron and his five friends are aliens from Earth's alter-dimensional world: Terrania
Released: February 21, 1997
#2, "We Need A Hero"
Sheratan (Dave), Australis (Will), Nashiran (Tom), Messuta (Ron) and Lotia (Amy) become Red MarsAstro, Green JupiterAstro, Black SaturnAstro, White MercuryAstro and Pink VenusAstro to stop Cyborg VacMan which has been sent to melt down the human race and systematically bring their raw forms back to Pluto to be made into hybrid Nazitans.
Released: February 28, 1997
#3, "Trapped! The City is Vulnerable"
After faced with harassment on the job, Amy deflects advise from co-workers in the midst of cogitating on the situation as her primary interests lie with why her boss made the advance. Meanwhile, The Nazitans prepare a more battle-ready challenge for the Astrorangers and ambush VenusAstro with Cyborg Regurgitor.
Released: March 7, 1997
#4, "Fly! The Machines"
Trapped on Mars with Cyborg Regurgitor, the Astrorangers must fight for their lives while Commander Leto in our dimension at the SpaceBase orbiting the moon searches for them. Meanwhile, Titan-Tortan takes advantage and attempts to storm Los Angeles City Hall.
Released: March 14, 1997
#5, "Never Ending Appetite"
In an effort to prove the household diet, William strikes out into the world of the culinary arts with a home-made breakfast dish that consequently leaves the rest shocked--for better or for worse. Meanwhile, Cyborg Cannibal comes to Earth to eat the Astrorangers alive to use their energy and become extremely powerful.
Released: March 21, 1997
#6, "Epic Destruction"
JupiterAstro tries to defend the city and fight Titan-Tortan, taking advantage of him being the only surviving Astroranger but must retreat to rescue the others from Cyborg Cannibal. Very clever thinking helps the green Astroranger put an end to this man-eating beast.
Released: March 28, 1997
#7, "High Speed Brainwashing"
Dave is told off by Tom when he discovers that his pick-up truck was damaged from Dave using it. On the freeway, semi trucks dual on the highway with cars their victim from Cyborg Sonic's test of its mind control signals. The Astrorangers investigate, however, SaturnAstro becomes Sonic's victim.
Released: April 4, 1997
#8, "Saturn Vs. Mars"
MarsAstro barely escapes SaturnAstro's attack to report back to others what happened. As he and VenusAstro return to Earth to find the black Astroranger, they encounter Cyborg Webmaster helped by SaturnAstro. Meanwhile, Cyborg Sonic tries to pirate the airwaves using a radio station but JupiterAstro interferes.
Released: April 12, 1997
#9, "Invisible Forces"
The discovery of living dinosaur egg beneith the greater Los Angeles area leads to stealth Cyborg Shadow coming to Earth to find it. Ron finds it first during his visit to the mall where he meets Lucy.
Released: April 18, 1997
#10, "I Know"
After the others come to help MercuryAstro, he tries to track down Cyborg Shadow. Titan-Tortan takes advantage of the Astrorangers inability to unite AstroMan and attacks.
Released: April 25, 1997
#11, "Smog"
Dave is awestruck by Japanese police officer Beverly Tenmei risking her career in a protest at City Hall for overturning a bill for better air quality. The Nazitans set a trap for the Astrorangers by releasing Cyborg Fogger to abduct defenseless citizens.
Released: May 2, 1997
#12, "Awaken Galaxy Task Force"
Four of the Astrorangers awaken with Officer Tenmei when confronted by Tortan before realizing they are trapped. Meanwhile, MarsAstro does his best to fight Cyborg Fogger before becoming energized into a titan.
Released: May 9, 1997
#13, "Possessed! Beware the Demon Water"
During a vacation at the beach, the Astrorangers encounter Cyborg Kappa, a ghostly warrior made entirely out of water.
Released: May 16, 1997
#14, "Theives"
After filing with the IRS no less than a month and a half ago, Will finds himself audited by the internal revenue service. However, it is incidental that his agent is found dead by Mahoney and Sanchez downtown. Meanwhile, Cyborg Hebosha attacks the General Hospital for what Pleadia believes is the only thing Humans have of value--their brains.
Released: May 23, 1997
#15, "More Than Meets the Eye"
William grows suspicious of his IRS agent but it becomes all to obvious that he is, in reality, Cyborg Morpher--the shape-shifting cyborg with a vengence. Meanwhile, SaturnAstro regrets that he could not stop Hebosha before it left a trail of destruction throughout the city. However, as it continues, Amy and Dave run into it and try to slow it down without success.
Released: May 30, 1997
#16, "Drunk!! The Lust of VenusAstro"
A truck load of bottled water being supplied to the suburbian community of Los Feliz in the Hollywood Hills leads to many citizens being transformed into ogres driven by Cyborg Tonsuy--the creature that injected the powerful mind-manipulating formula into their water. However, hillarity ensues when Amy drinks this intoxicating concoction.
Released: June 6, 1997
#17, "Arson! Attack of the Evil Dragon"
More than a month since his last contact with her, Dave re-initiates his pursuit of Beverly Tenmei and is intrigued as the truth about her slowly makes itself known. However, before it can become obvious, Cyborg Pyro sets the city aflame in its fiery attack on the city. All in an attempt to keep the Astrorangers away from Ginara who has finally located the dinosaur egg.
Released: June 13, 1997
#18, "A Tyrannosaurus Wreck"
Pyro escapes the Astrorangers and leads an attack on downtown, torching the apartment building where Beverly lives. Meanwhile, after VenusAstro realizes that Ginara has escaped with the egg, she is brought in to put Pyro's pilot out while MarsAstro tries to save Beverly. And it's not over yet when a genetically altered tyrannosaurus-rex dinosaur storms Los Angeles.
Released: June 20, 1997
#19, "In Too Deep"
A conspicuous pattern of miscarriages of babies of non-human design puzzles doctors; meanwhile, despite Dave and Tom's displeasure, Amy goes home with a new co-worker whom is actually Cyborg Injector -- responsible for the miscarriages. Parental discretion is advised.
Released: June 27th, 1997
#20, "Vampire Attack"
In an unexpected show of friendship towards Amy, Beverly invites her to spend the day at the Mall with her other friend Sasha; meanwhile, The Nazitans plot to take control of the population's mind using Cyborg Vampire.
Released: July 4, 1997 - Featuring the Song: "Until It Is Gone"
#21, "Awakening"
Awakening as a vampire, Sasha forces Beverly into a conflict that includes Amy who, even as VenusAstro can hardly stop her from killing what used to be her best friend. Meanwhile, Cyborg Sniper wiped out the Astrorangers for the second time before they can begin to attempt an attack on Cyborg Vampire.
Released: July 11, 1997
#22, "Critical Condition!! The Showdown"
A bank robbery is foiled by Dave on unusual daytime duty but results in his stay at a hospital after being shot. Meanwhile, Cyborg Tentacle is too much for the Astrorangers to handle alone. Wounded--MarsAstro must go into battle.
Released: July 18, 1997
#23, "Verbatim"
Ron is chastized for dating a human despite Dave's interest in Beverly. Meanwhile, Los Angeles International Airport is the scene of an unusual attack brought on by what looks like a cyborg. When the Astrorangers attempt to intervene, they cannot but are helped by the mysterious Triranger squadron.
Released: July 25, 1997
#24, "No Longer the Cloaked Dagger"
The Triranger team returns to help the Astrorangers at Santa Monica Airport but the so-called disaster is nothing but an elaborate snare trap. And even then, things aren't what they appear to be when Ginara supposedly surrenders to the Trirangers.
Released: August 1, 1997 - Featuring the Song: "Deadly Strike"
#25, "Evil Mecha Arrives!"
After losing their first battle ever, the Astrorangers retreat after being beaten by the TriRanger task force. In an attempt to flush out the galaxy task force, the TriRanger battle team returns with CosmoTron to demolish AstroMan.
Released: August 8, 1997 - Featuring the Song: "Deadly Strike"
#26, "The Search"
After a horrible nightmare forseeing a grim fate for the city of angels and the Astroranger task force, Officer Beverly Tenmei ventures into the Angeles National Forest. The Nazitans discover the existance of a sixth genesis gem ring and plans to make Beverly into their evil Astroranger. Entangled in the plot is Frank, searching for Beverly because she hadn't reported in for duty.
Released: August 15, 1997
#27, "Triumph of EarthAstro"
Beverly swears off her mission as it was responsible for Frank's abduction. Amy discovers through Will that she and Beverly are half-sisters and that, in fact, Beverly is a hybrid Human and Terranian. After identities are learned, a new Astroranger joins the task force: EarthAstro. The yellow Astroranger.
Released: August 22, 1997 - Featuring the Song: "Go, EarthAstro!"
#28, "Change of Plans"
Majute Sashai informs Adol the Great that the solar system where they are holds the keys to an extremely powerful object known as the Infinitum Genesis Ring. Each planet in varying dimensions hold solar spheres which were the result of the Genesis Ring colliding with the sun, forming all nine planets. Ginara has Cyborg Morpher II stalk Beverly to prevent her from remaining a part of the Astroranger task force.
Released: August 29, 1997
#29, "Divided Attention"
Despite the loss of the Uranian solar sphere, Beverly manages her first and solo victory using the power of her Celestial Weapons, the yellow Lightning Daggers.
Released: September 5, 1997
#30, "The Deep Freeze"
Cyborg Arctic traps SaturnAstro by freezing him nearly to death while he is in persuit of Ginara about to steal the Neptune Genesis Gem. Meanwhile, Dave's loneliness gives Amy the opportunity to serenade him.
Released: September 12, 1997 - Featuring the Song: "Closer than Friends"
#31, "Unite! The Heros of Love"
Titan-Cyborg Arctic distracts the task force by attacking Earth with only EarthAstro and her AirShuttle to protect the city. Meanwhile, Ginara leaves it up to the Astrorangers to handle an alien creature on Neptune that attacks her.
Released: September 19, 1997
#32, "Betrayal! EarthAstro's Diabolical Attack"
Cyborg Najire twists Beverly's mind to cripple the Astroranger battle team leader, Dave, with lewd advances. Meanwhile, Amy realizes what she did to him after EarthAstro attacks the Astroranger task force. Cyborg Saw stakes out the planet Saturn in its eigth dimension to obtain the next solar sphere.
Released: September 26, 1997
#33, "Chaos on Saturn!"
VenusAstro must face off with EarthAstro in order to regain Sheratan's ruby GeneGem ring while Cyborg Saw runs amok and SaturnAstro encounters the sand monsters on Saturn.
Released: October 3, 1997
#34, "His Final Destiny!! Australis is Lost!"
Sara Bergstrom calls Tom to her house in Culver City to perform yard work on her front lawn but he finds out a different purpose for her requesting his services. Meanwhile, a plot to set the Astrorangers up for a dangerous encounter results in the disappearance of Australis.
Released: October 10, 1997
#35, "Deadly Arrow"
The Astrorangers resist the notion Australis was killed in battle while Cyborg Centaur is sent to Jupiter's highest dimension level to locate its solar sphere within the planet's miles of mazes beneath volcanos. Australis awakens and finds himself in Los Angeles as a ghost, suspecting himself dead. As Centaur grows nearer the Jupiter solar sphere--the Astrorangers abandon their search for Australis to fight Centaur without him.
Released: October 17, 1997
#36, "The Return of JupiterAstro"
Australis manages to telepathically contact Lotia through making King draw her attention so that Beverly and the others know he is alive and restart efforts to bring him back. The team returns to Jupiter to try again at attempting to stop Centaur from obtaining th solar sphere. JupiterAstro must return before the Astroranger's drown in lava.
Released: October 24, 1997 - Featuring the Song: "Suddenly so Strong"
#37, "Mummified"
Walking Sara to a costume party at her friend's house, Tom is forced to try and protect her from Cyborg Miira; a superior distraction from Ginara's attempt to obtain the Martial Solar Sphere. Because VenusAstro is mummified, Dave must re-evaluate the logistics of a relationship with her.
Released: October 31, 1997
#38, "Gone!! Memories of our Heros"
Dave ponders whether giving up his first (and probably last) relationship, especially with Amy is worth remaining a member of the task force. Meanwhile, the Nazitans plot to supress the memories of the task force so they will not stop the hunt for another solar sphere. Amy is assaulted by Armitons leading to Igan's interrogation regarding the location of the solar spheres.
Released: November 7, 1997
#39, "Remember? You Love Me"
Cyborg Massat's powers of memory loss backfire on Ginara so Beverly talks Amy into using her against the Armitons as protection. This way, Beverly can get Messuta to the SpaceBase to be cured. Unfortunately, the male Astrorangers except for MercuryAstro combine forces with Massat and the Armiton Soldiers, a challenge VenusAstro and Ginara can't handle until Beverly's return. Amy tries to appeal to Dave and his sense of professionalism denies either the chance to re-unite.
Released: November 14, 1997
#40, "Abduction!!"
Sara comes to Tom with the nervous intention to be intimate with him--Dave, trying to stay busy, is exposed by Will as attempting to avoid Amy. Beverly is abducted from the beach and brought to the Nazitan outpost beneath the surface of Pluto--the very heart of the Nazitan operation in our solar system.
Released: November 21, 1997
#41, "Her Darkest Hour! The Intergalactic Rescue"
Cyborg Juryok appears to support Tortan's attempt to take the Venus solar sphere after the civilization there resists his attack on their industrial part of the city. Beverly learns Pleadia intends to transform her into a hybrid host for Nazitans. The Astroranger task force journies to Pluto for the ultimate rescue mission. VenusAstro intercepts Juryok. Parental discretion for audiences 14 years of age or under is advised.
Released: November 28, 1997
#42, "Ultimatum"
Peter, precocious 6th grader, is saved by Amy from bullies wishing to leech from his intellectual prowess. Meanwhile, artificial earthquakes are generated by Cyborg Stomper to flush out EarthAstro. Tom talks Dave into returning to Amy because it is too late to pretend as if he doesn't love her.
Released: December 5, 1997
#43, "Power Play! The Ultimate Trump Card"
After Amy and Peter cross paths again, an artificial quake traps them together until MarsAstro rescues them; Peter is more than fond of Amy for her saving his life. Meanwhile, Messuta discovers Beverly has been tampered with, allowing Pleadia to remotely introduce pain into her body at anytime. The solar spheres are in jeopardy of being given up to protect her.
Released: December 12, 1997
#44, "Seized! AstroMan is Taken!!"
Mercury is the target of Ginara's attempt to steal its solar sphere while a plan is initiated to take control of AstroMan through Cyborg Micron.
Released: January 2nd, 1998
#45, "Reclaim! The Warrior Robot is Ours Again!!! AstroMan is Taken!!"
Without AstroMan, Ginara is free to steal Mercury's solar sphere. Meanwhile, EarthAstro comes to the rescue in AirShuttle before transforming it into EarthRobo. Unfortunately, the battle does not go well as she is cast from her cockpit. The Astrorangers return for a daring attempt to reclaim the warrior robot--AstroMan.
Released: January 9th, 1998
#46, "Terrorism"
Cyborg Illusion paralyzes the Astroranger task force with false images of horrifying situations. Peter ends up talking Dave into agreeing with Amy's intentions on holding the marital ceremonies on Earth.
Released: January 16, 1998
#47, "The Fatal Encounter"
Adol discovers that one of the solar spheres were withheld at the time when they were given to protect Beverly--Pleadia sends Cyborg Morpher III, the most sophisticated Morpher of its class to seduce the team leader into providing the location of that last sphere. Amy and Beverly plan for the wedding. Parental discretion is strongly advised.
Released: January 23, 1998
#48, "Begin the Final Battle"
Cyborg Morpher III returns with the last solar sphere, but, the Earth solar sphere is still waiting to be had. Dave's extreme embarassment and anger over being had by a false Amy causes him to take another lone walk introducing him to the most deadly cyborg yet--Akuma. Morpher III is sent back to Earth to take Beverly again to make her activate the solar sphere's re-unification into the Infinitum Genesis Ring.
Released: January 30, 1998 - Featuring the Song: "Power of the Galaxy"
#49, "Fallen! AstroMan's Apocalypse"
Cyborg Morpher III is defeated but Tortan and Ginara take Beverly anyway. A deadly battle between the Astroranger task force and Cyborg Akuma quickly force the team to retreat for their lives after their weapons are destroyed. Titan-Akuma, self-energized, defeats AstroMan.
Released: February 6, 1998
#50, "I Will Win!"
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Released: February 13, 1998 - Featuring the Song: "Power of the Galaxy"


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