Galaxy Task Force Astroranger


Not just a technology, a perfected art on Procyon III, genetic manipulation and synthetic cybernetics allows Pleadia, a highly respected scientist from his world to take living beings and meld them with artificial bioelectronics and then uses reverse mitosis to revert them to something known as a Cybo-Egg.

On their trip to Pluto, Pleadia brought 50 of his prize warrior and top-notch assimilation Cybo-Eggs from his library of thousands of mutated creations. With the aide of the molecular manipulation transformation camber (MTC), Cybo-Eggs can be sent into a T-10min Countdown to "evolve" into its humanoid form from its gelatinous state as it is encased in a magnetic envelope and catapolted out of Pluto's orbit at 3c.

Pleadia's Cyborgs are manipulated by his thoughts using a Cerebrial Amplifier which enables him to give direct instructions to bioelectronics operating in the brains of his Cyborgs directly from his own thoughts. And though all are given basic unconscious programming supplied by their own natural brains, the electronic hemisphere is designed to guide all major actions.

  1. Cyborg Vacman
  2. Cyborg Regurgitor
  3. Cyborg Cannibal
  4. Cyborg Sonic
  5. Cyborg Webmaster
  6. Cyborg Shadow
  7. Cyborg Fogger
  8. Cyborg Kappa
  9. Cyborg Braegon Toorima
  10. Cyborg Morpher
  11. Cyborg Parasite
  12. Cyborg Pyro
  13. Cyborg Injector
  14. Cyborg Vampire
  15. Cyborg Konsui
  16. Cyborg Tentacle
  17. Cyborg Morpher II
  18. Cyborg Hunter
  19. Cyborg Arctic
  20. Cyborg Najire
  21. Cyborg Saw
  22. Cyborg Centaur
  23. Cyborg Miira
  24. Cyborg Massat
  25. Cyborg Juryok
  26. Cyborg Stomper
  27. Cyborg Micron
  28. Cyborg Illusion
  29. Cyborg Morpher III


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