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Terranians are a 5,000 year old culture that would have had a 3,000 year start if Man hadn't made such enormous progress during the 20th Century technologically and psychologically. Instead, they are still 1,000 years apart in biology, technology and psychology. Terranians have evolved anatomies making them twice as strong as humans. Their technology includes a train/freeway style transporation driven entirely by magnetic guides instead of iron track. An interesting fact about Terranians are their capability to effectively transmit and receive message telepathically instead of by voice which has largely made accoustic communication obsolete. They also age 1.3 Earth years faster than Humans do making their average life expectancy 100 Earth years.

Terranians are not without their flaws, however. There exist two governments on the entire planet because is only devided into two continents. Each government, The Uton and the Quazon constantly attempt to enforce their ideas of how a land should be governed while their citizens disagree with both of them. There have been no major millitary conflicts for almost 100 years. Regardless, anyone would miss their homeland and so thus, the Astrorangers constantly miss Terrania


Click on the pictures for larger, higher-quality versions as well as background info about these characters. [Sketch of Sheratan]

Sheratan Kasei

Born in Ari, Uton on 18.1.4967 (April 9th, 1974), he was always known for being passionate, energetic, courageous, assertive and has initiavtive. However, he has a tendancy to be aggrivating. Sheratan exhibits a low opinion of humans (unable to defend themselves).

His code name on Earth is Dave Marcello, driving a red Mitsubishi and works as a bank security guard and uses the Ruby Genesis Gem Ring to AstroCharge into MarsAstro, the red Astroranger whom carries the FireSword, drives the Red HydroCycle and pilots CombatShuttle (right foot of AstroMan).

[Sketch of Australis]

Australis Mokusei

Born in Sag, Uton on 30.4.4965 (December 3rd, 1973). Australis is shows optimism, spontaneity and willingness carrying a philosophical outlook on things. Specializes in foriegn languages.'

His code name is William Richards and drives a green Toyota mini-van while working at home as an accountant and uses the Amethest to AstroCharge into JupiterAstro, the green Astroranger whom carries the ThunderBow, drives the Green HydroCycle pilots CommandShuttle (torso/head of AstroMan).

[Sketch of Nashiran]

Nashiran Dosei

Born on 8.4.4964 (November 17th, 1972) in Aquarios, Uton. Remains to be a self-limiting, but, self-preserving and ambitious person with a very serious and devoted intention to maintain the saftey of the public. A conservationalist and perfectionist at best, he has always enjoyed his duty as a Law Enforcement Officer in the City of Wasserton Springs, Uton.

Code named Tom Nevison, he is a Gardener for hire driving a black Nissan pick-up truck and uses his Onyx GeneGem to AstroCharge into SaturnAstro, the black Astroranger whom carries the BattleScythe, drives the Black HydroCycle and pilots SolarShuttle (the left arm of AstroMan).

[Sketch of Messuta]

Messuta Suesei

Born in Gemena, Uton on 23.2.4969 (June 14th, 1975), Messuta Suesei became the fasted graduating pupil of the Uton Electronic Network Educational System (UENES) at the Earth age of 15 (most graduate by the Terranian age of 15). He's Talkative, intelligent, mobile and friendly. Messuta finds the human race a curious soeciety to study.

Suesei's code name is Ron Michaeli, driving a white Yamaha motorcycle while working as a Union Express Delivery Man and uses the Diamond GeneGem to AstroCharge into MercuryAstro, the white Astroranger whom carries the PowerStaff, the driver of White HydroCycle and pilot of TurboShuttle (right arm of AstroMan).

[Sketch of Lotia]

Lotia Kinsei

Born in Leban, Uton on 6.4.4972 (October 15th, 1978). Lotia enjoys physical activity and helping people, however, she is still able to participate in the arts, social life and maintaining beauty wherever she goes including ensuring her own wardrobe is in fashion. People find Lotia to be of good company when they're having a bad day.

Code named Amy Leven, she rides a ten-speed bicycle and is a receptionist for a talent agency in Beverly Hills; she uses the Zircon Genesis Gem Ring to AstroCharge into VenusAstro, the pink Astroranger whom carries the SonicBoomerang, drives the Pink HydroCycle and pilots RescueShuttle (leftleg of AstroMan).

[Sketch of Beverly]

Beverly Tenmei

Born in Los Angeles, California on April 10th, 1972. Beverly grew up in Korea town while her mother, Reiko Tenmei worked at the District Attorney's office as a single parent. Her father mysteriously vanished from Kyoto, Japan where Reiko met him before Beverly was born. There was no television in the house so when Beverly would finish her homework, she'd spend a lot of time either reading about outer space or stargazing. A year later, her stargazing was pushed into the later hours of the night when she enrolled in kajukembo training at age 7 to be better in gym at school.

Now a 2nd degree black belt in the martial art, she wanted to help her mother's job of prosecuting criminals by finding them and bringing them into custody. It was Beverly's plan to eventually become a detective and even gather evidence to help in their prosecution. She became so involved in the law when her pet puppy Riki was killed by a drunk driver. After becoming apart of the Los Angeles Police Department, Officer Tenmei joined the ranks of the K-9 special unit with her adult pet dog King, a siberian husky trained in the detection of bombs and narcotics.

Because of the special dream she had, Beverly was led to the Angeles National Forest to locate what was actually the prototype Astroranger Genesis Gem, the Jade Genesis Gemstone. This jewel on its golden ring forms the sixth uniform which Beverly uses to become EarthAstro. In addition to the standard Moleculatom Weapon mounted on the belt's holster, the yellow Astroranger's right hip carries the experimental scanning device known as the PortaScanner (PORTAble SCANNER). EarthAstro's personal weapons are the yellow Lightning Daggers which may be transformed into the Lightning Double-Swords which, if joined at the base can become the Terra TwinBlade. She drives the yellow HydroCycle which uses an experimental JetSki in addition to its capability to take flight. The yellow Astroranger pilots the AirShuttle which, when connecting to the shoulders of AstroMan, transforms the robot into AstroRobo.

On her own time, Beverly drives a yellow Suzuki Swift.

[Sketch of Leto]

Lyonix Leto

Born on 1.2.4931 (August 1st, 1949) in Sunos, Uton. Not much is known of him as he is a very private person as well as quiet, however, as he has posted at his UENES Graduation Session, "One who speaks few words, thinks many." Leto is extremely serious, dedicated, reliable, hard working and professional.

Code named on Earth as Aaron Hanson, he has worked for Griffith Observatory as an astronomer for 15 years and has maintained contact with his peers in the Uton Public Security Department for the past 20 years while on Earth.

The Nazitan Outpost

From Procyon III, The Nazitan and the Vahora Empire use Pluto as their outpost to send forth the Armed Automaton (Armiton) Soldiers and Cybernetic Mutants of half genetically spliced Organic and bioelectronic Aritifical creation to Earth to force the Human Race into submission and become hosts for the Nazitan species to save them from extinction.



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