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Episodic Stories

These serials are written like television programs--there are individual episodes thatcomprise the season that lasts from mid-September until the end of May, the followingyear.  Each episode has four storybreaks (like commercial breaks, only there are nocommercials) for a half-hour (620-690 line) series.  Hour long (1,200-1,324 line)serials has eight.

The below table is a list of present and past Artist Bros. serials including their genre, date of release, number of episodes and seasons along with its title.

Title Status Release Date Genre No. of Episodes
Computer Task Force
In Production Mar. 6, 1999 Fan-Sentai 48 (1 season)
Galaxy Task Force
Encore Presentation Feb. 21, 1997 Fan-Sentai 50 (1 season)
Earth Defender
Encore Presentation Sept. 12, 1998 Action (anime) 52 (2 seasons)
Mighty Weenie
Pathetic Rangers
Encore Presentation Sept. 10, 1998 Comedy (parody) 130 (3 seasons)
B.S. Trippers Repeat January, 1999 Comedy (parody) 26 (1 season)
Sailor Goon Debut Sept. 11, 1998 Comedy (parody) 39 (1 season)

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