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Artist Bros. Music Cassettes and Compact Discs

Listen to RealAudio samples of your favorite artist's AB cassette or CD before ordering online!  Artist Bros. Music features soundtracks from stories, episodic serials as well as musical works produced by independant artists at AB Studios in Los Angeles, California.

The following is the complete catalog of all music available for sample download and ordering through the Artist Bros. Enterprises web site:

Title Artist Category
Netranger Music Collection, Vol. 1 (June, 1999) Various Artists Soundtrack
Astroranger Song Collection, Vol. 1 Various Artists Soundtrack
Eye of the Storm (Coming July 31, 2000) Dairenn Lombard Hard Rock/Pop Rock
"Beyond the Bermuda Triangle" (Coming June, 2000) Various Artists Soundtrack


Information about the above titles are listed below; formats are listed as c for Cassette or CD for Compact Disc--the numbers indicated is the minutes from the beginning of the first cut/track to the end of the last cut/track.


All cassettes are digitally mastered for clarity and recorded using Dolby® "B" noise reduction as well as Dolby® HX-Pro" for maximum headroom (distortion reduction).  Reduce treble response on non-dolby equipment.  No special playback equipment is necessary for HX-Pro" recorded cassettes.  Dolby System is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

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