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Story Ratings

The entire Artist Bros. web site has been rated with RSACi to make sure that people at least 13 years of age or older are our primary visitors.   However, each story is different and while some are more suitable for children even younger than 12, many others are intended for audiences more mature than 16.

The following chart indicates how we rate individual stories/episodes within the text file containing the stories you read.



Web-Y Intended for Young Readers.  No: Bad Language, Graphic Violence or Sexual Content
Web-E Intended for Everyone.  Contains: Aggressive but not Offensive Language, Violence and Implied Sexuality.
Web-T Intended for ages 16 and up.  Contains: FCC-Allowed Language, Realistic Violence and Implied Nudity/Sexual Situations.
Web-A Intended for ages 18 and up.  Contains: Adult Language, Nudity/Sexual Situations.

FCC refers to the Federal Communications Commission in the United States of America; this division of the United States Federal Government sets guidelines for broadcasters in America.  All but ***hole, f*** and s*** are allowed on television.

There is no rating that allows for descriptions of graphic/excessive violence/physical mutilation to animals or humans.  Web-A is intended for erotica and stories with expleetives disallowed by the FCC and hense, rating Web-T.

If you have furthre questions or comments about this system and would like to send us your thoughts, please feel free and write to .   We cannot guarantee a response but Artist Bros. reads all mail received.

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