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...or David Wakko Warner Junior. But Wakko Jr. is easier and funner. Wakko Jr. was born in 1989, in Burbank, California. His father, David (call him Dave) Warner, is the result of an unintentional gene-splitting incident which took place when brainy Calamity Coyote was sent to study the Warner Brothers and their Sister Dot in the Burbank Warner Bros. watertower they were locked away in in 1939. A mind-reading machine (first experimented on with Wakko Warner) behaved incorrectly and caused Wakko to become split into two. His clone was very different from Wakko, a little more responsible, and a lot less wacky (but not totally unwacky, you can't be a Warner and not wacky a little. ;) Wakko #2 was given permission to escape the watertower for he wasn't chaotic and unpredictable. He met Penny Warner, an out-of-work Warner wishing to get her own cartoon. They got married, bore me, and somehow vanish. :o/ Waaah! How I miss them.

WakkoJr lost memory of it all, as it occured before he was old enough to understand what happened. He got by on his own and stumbled upon the Burbank Watertower in 1996, three years after Yakko, Wakko and Dot escaped from the tower. Friends of every nature (especially toons like Warners, foxes, skunks, etc...) gathered there and WakkoJr spent 7 of the initial months of 1996 there. Wakko Jr.'s player (the guy who is responsible for his very existence), Ondre Lombard, figured he was too good for many of the people there who mistreated him and now resides in the sunny, carefree Acme Acres.

How's that for a story? :o)

WakkoJr just happens to like everything his player does (except eating no sugar, AIE! how does he do it??), so on with WakkoJr's page.

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