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7.1 Information Sources and Contributors

            Editor in Chief: Dairenn Lombard ()

         Content Consultant: M. Hideo Miyake ()

      Tokusatsu Information: Shouichi Takeuchi (

                             Jim Sewell ()

                             Akemi Kishita ([email protected])

                             Eugene P. Glover

                             Billy Teo

                             Robert A. Rosenberg

                             Robert Chou

                             Cory Machida

                             Mark O'Daffer ()

 Kamen Rider CD Information: Matt Seidl ()

  Power Rangers Information: Mark Oxman ([email protected])

                             Terri Ann C. Guingab ([email protected])

    VR Troopers Information: Shirley Comroe ()

                             Paul Haberman ()

  Miscellaneous Information: David Leon

                             Koichi Sakamoto

                             Jeff Pruitt

                             Paul Matthews

                             Scott Page-Pagter

                             Robert Manahan

                             David Mallow

                             Ron Wasserman

                             David Hillenbrand

                             Bruce Bridges

                             David McDermit

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