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Resources on the Internet

6.1 Mailing Lists

There is a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers mailing list, however, it is a private list. The administrator of the list may take the liberty of mentioning this to members of this mailing list, however, they encourage people to not spread around its address.

6.2 USENET Newsgroups

If you have access to the USENET (either via the web or a Newsgroup reader such as TIN, Free Agent by Forte or Netscape News), you can read any of these newsgroups related to tokusatsu (in some way):

6.3 FTP Sites

If you have any FTP sites distributing images, sound clips, movie clips or even fan-fiction, e-mail me at with the URL and I'll list it here.

I plan on having an access-on-request FTP directory for sentai teams (good, large color pictures of costumes, weapons, mecha, monsters) and the theme music for sentai 1991+.

6.4 IRC Channels NEW!

IRC, as mentioned earilier stands for Internet Relay Chat (though it should be called ICP, Internet Chat Protocol). There are several different networks online. There is EFnet, Undernet, DALnet, AustNet and others. The first three mentioned are the three most popular on the Internet.

An IRC Network is a consortium of independant Internet Providers whom have IRC Servers connected together allowing several thousands of users to participate in live chat on the Internet in places called channels. It began in 1988, however, it gained popularity by 1991 during the Gulf War when users from the middle east told people world-wide about the events occuring there.

The channel #tokusatsu has been registered on AustNet IRC Network and is linked to DALnet via a user called a "bot". Its nickname is TSbot. While in the channel, you may see text similarly to the following:

<Dairenn> It'd be interesting to see how that'll turn out.

* proranger nods.

<Kristen> Agreed.

<TSbot> <DALnet:Roger> It could be that they'll just show

re-runs until they make more episodes.

<Dairenn> I think so, pro...

*** AmandaB ([email protected]) has joined #tokusatsu

*** Mode change "+o AmandaB" by ChanServ

<AmandaB> Hi all.

<Dairenn> Hello...

To participate, you need an IRC Client or to have access to one. If you are on a UNIX shell account, try typing irc and see if it will connect you to a server (probably EFnet). If your system does not have IRC, e-mail your system administrator to install ircII (which can be obtained by visiting via FTP and entering the directory irc/clients/).
Users with Windows" (3.1 or 95) may visit to obtain a copy of the Windows IRC client mIRC. Installation is fast and easy and via this web site you can obtain a version of the program that is best for your personal computer.
Macintosh® users should visit to download ircle, which is, of course, a Mac client for IRC. If you are unable to pursue any of the above listed methods, try using a telnet client to telnet to and /JOIN #tokusatsu from there, TSbot will send messages from AustNet (where the channel is registered) to allow you to talk to people in #tokusatsu on AustNet.
If you are successful in obtaining an IRC Client (or access to one), use the server on Port 6667 and type /JOIN #tokusatsu. In mIRC, a new window will be brought up featuring a list of nicknames already in the channel with text on the main portion of the window. What you type appears on the bottom of the window but it is not seen publicly until you finish typing and press [Enter].
It is encouraged you speak as clear English (or Japanese--which is allowed in #tokusatsu) as possible. Without the proper usage of punctuation, grammar and spelling, nobody will be able to understand you (obviously). Excessive usage of capitalized letters are strongly discouraged and excessive use of abbreviations are also annoying.
While in the channel, it's a good idea to stick around and listen to the conversation before entering your own input as it might be off-topic. However, if there is no discussion, do not hestitate to begin speaking. People may not respond because of several sets of circumstances. A phenomenon known as "lag" may be occuring causing an extraneous delay between the type they finish typing their message and when you see it. They may be set /AWAY (and will appear as G or Gone in their /WHO info) or have forgotten they were talking in #tokusatsu -- in any case, the worse mistake anyone could make is to be hostile. Patience is a practice to be maintained while using IRC.
For more information on IRC and IRC Ettiquette, visit #MMPR's web page at #MMPR
If you have a channel to be listed, please e-mail me at and I will review it and see if it is suitable for listing here.


6.5 Web Pages

The following web pages are maintained by fans.  They are listed in

usefulness to you in your quest for tokusatsu knowledge, pictures, sounds

and even multimedia.  These have been incredibly entertaining and valuable

to me and I hope they are to you as well.

WARNING: The authors of the following web pages insist that if you feel you must use text, images or any other material from their web pages that you request express written permission via electronic mail PRIOR to publishing them on YOUR web site. If the authors of these web sites feel they are being plagiarized, they will discontinue publishing any further material; consequently ending the availability of such information for EVERYONE. Don't mess up a good thing for everybody. Ask the people who went through the trouble of compiling the data and images for these web pages first.
Kyouruu Sentai ZYURANGER Homepage (A MUST for any ZYURANGER fan)
URL: Webmaster: Akemi Kishita
The Tokusatsu Homepage (Lots of GREAT Information, Pictures)
Webmaster: Eugene P. Glover
Where to find tokusatsu & Anime Videos... -- NEW!
URL: Webmaster: Paul Haberman
Hard To Find/Rare/Bizzarre Audiovideo Productions -- NEW!
WebMaster: John Wells
Tokusatsu Access (News and Information)

Super-Sentai Guides -- NEW!
URL: Webmaster: Cory Machida
Amritas Empire (Links and Information)
Webmaster: M. Hideo Miyake
Galaxy Task Force ASTRORANGER (Fan-Fiction Sentai Web Site)
Webmaster: Dairenn Lombard (for Artist Bros.) "Hey, that's me!"
Tokusatsu Fan-Ficition Web Ring
More information in Section 6.6.
Kamen Rider/Ultraman Fan Webpages [may no longer exist, let me know.] URL: Webmaster: Matt Seidl
The Shrine of Momo (Very funny but very cool page dedicated to Ohpink of OHRANGER, 1996 sentai; includes great links.)
URL: NEW URL! Webmaster: Mark O'Daffer (author temporarily no longer online)
Sentai World (Nice Collection of tokusatsu pictures) URL:
Webmaster: Nathan Clark
Shrine to Mei (Pteraranger of Kyouruu Sentai JURANGER) [may no longer exist, let me know.] URL:
Webmaster: DreamTurbo
If you've got a web page with information, pictures, sounds or fan-ficition, e-mail me at and I'll try to list it here. Thanks!

6.6 Tokusatsu Fan-Ficition Web Ring -- NEW!

Started on May 14th, 1997 by Dairenn Lombard is the Tokusatsu Fan-written

Ficition Web Ring.  What is a Web Ring?  (I needed a question to fill the

F.A.Q. quota.)  ^_-  Well, basically, it is a "ring" of web pages that are

related to one another by content.  Typically, the bottom of each page

will have a menu of options that will allow the web browser to go forward

or backwards (by five sites if desired) or select a site at random that

has been accepted within this ring.

If you are the webmaster of a site with web pages featuring tokusatsu fan-produced ficition or write such ficition yourself (such as prose, screenplays, scripts, et cetera) may visit the Tokusatsu Fan-Ficition Web Ring on the web at and request your homepage is added. The Ringmaster will review your work and eventually add your URL to the ring of web pages. You will be notified when the site has been added to the web ring.
The content of pages are reviewed for quality of text (such as format, "FCC"-allowable content, originality and then some). The Ringmaster reserves the right to refuse the addition of any URL sent to him to be added to the Tokusatsu Fan-Ficition Webring.
For more information, visit the Tokusatsu Fan-Ficition Webring at:

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