I have been writing stories since Fall, 1990. My very first was an elementary picture book that was a tribute to a pop singer famous in 1989. She called herself Martika and had such hits as "More Than You Know," "Toy Soldiers" (my brother's old favorite) and "I Feel The Earth Move". Well, this ten page chronical staring me as a CBS sportscaster at an event with her as a cheerleader wasn't as sophisticated as my "Beyond the Bermuda" epic. However, it defined the fundimental philosophy behind why I write stories.

So why do you write Stories?

Oh! Well, basically, it's my mind attempting to make up for what is missing in something. My original work is usually my attempt at taking a real life situation that has either happened in one way or another or I would like to happen. Fan-fiction work is inspired only because the contents are what I would like to have seen in the original story eventually. I used to write fan-fiction for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers but it wasn't until I tried to re-write the first movie they produced I realized that it is impossible to improve upon a story with inherent problems. I was trying to do a better job than most fan-fiction for Power Rangers and believe that in some ways I did. However, with such one-dimensional characters as those presented by Saban, it was impossible to do the advanced sort of character development other Power Rangers fan-fictions endevor on. Unfortunately, such attempts end up in wildly out-of-character scripts with almost little or no action being a waste of time.

This is the reason I became involved in writing super-sentai fan fiction. Since each sentai series is different from one another--including the cast, plot, weapons, mecha and even theme songs--this gave me the opportunity to write for a genre I love without being forced to conform to the inane and retarded level of writing that Saban exhibited during Power Ranger's first two years on the air in America.

However, asside from that, I have always enjoyed erotic fiction. In 1993, users of my electronic bulletin board service took the liberty to upload a variety of stories for other users to download and read. That is when I first discovered any such fiction existed. Later, I took to acquiring similar fiction from the newsgroup on the USENET. Prior to the commercialization of the internet, this newsgroup didn't have a 99:1 ratio of ads (spam) to actual stories. And now, most stories that are not spam are too short, begin and then end with unrealistic, animalistic, sexist and plotless pornography. Which is fine for the TV screen if you are into renting this useless stuff. However, I have always felt more emotionally involved in the characters making love to one another if I know who they are.

I have taken to writing such fiction where a story is being developed. Primarily because I have been disturbed by the non-stop trend of American motion pictures either being one extreme or the other. If there is sex, there is no plot. Or the plot isn't very good. If the picture has a great story, you will normally find that the sex is omitted, edited or at least censored. A rare example of "good" movies with "included" sex is the movie "Wild Things". I put good and included in quotes because the sex wasn't included on the level of a pornography film (to obviously avoid the NC-17 rating).

Interestingly enough, producers have a good reason to dodging the MPAA rating. It has been said that most movie theaters are located in malls. And most malls have told mangers of such theaters that they cannot lease space for their theater if they plan to show an NC-17 rated feature. So this means that out of all of the movie theaters in the country, most of them will not even show your picture if it is NC-17.

NC-17 is a rating that was created by the MPAA because they failed to trademark the X rating. At one time (namely the 1970s), MPAA had assigned this rating to motion pictures which are, by today's standard R rated. Throughout the 1980s, underground porn filmmakers began to print X, XX and XXX on their box as some what of a joke and means of promotion. XXX was never a real rating and it's merely jargon now for a "hardcore" porno flick. (Verses XX, which is only "soft"core porno, I suppose.)

You cannot even find decent erotic fiction in the adult magazines. More often enough, our ``script'' is the starlet talking about how she let her X-number of girlfriends do this and that with all these guys involved and how they did all of these aggressive things and loved every moment of it, wanted it to never stop and was always thinking about it. Now, of course, to a salesman's point of view, to put this sort of fantasy material into an adult magazine is fine because men are buying it for the fact that it is a fantasy. If he wanted real life, he wouldn't be buying the magazine. He'd be looking at his girlfriend/fiance/wife.

However, there are some men with taste. And though we enjoy risque material, there is a certain charm to voluptuous yet 'innocent' stories. And, as I mentioned before, one doesn't care about two people on screen just going at it. And one cares even less if they're READING about it. So, something more compelling must be included. And a good story will make you fall in love with the man or woman that is about to reward you with what nature has given them.


This page has been presented for stories that I have produced which are not under the Artist Bros. label. My brother's stories not published under the Artist Bros. title may be found through his pages via this hyperlink. Additionally, We do not publish explicit material because the site does invite minors above the age of 13 to read the stories. So, for the stories I would like for you to read that do not have a home have now found one here. Constructive criticism is always welcome, though not always responded to. However, any flames about the ethical and/or moral implications of these stories need to be blown out one's rectum. If you don't like it, don't read it. It's none of anybody's business what anyone does in the privace of their own home alone. If anyone should use any story, radio or television program as well as any motion picture for inspiration to comit a dishonest, dishonorable or even illegal action, it is the responsibility of that individual whom comitted the act. No work of art, music or fiction distributed by me or my brother for both ourselves and for Artist Bros. was intended to instruct or encourage any behavior from its readers in any way. Plus, your mail will be deleted so why even bother?

To anyone who actually appreciates the depiction of natural acts of men and women; I sincerely hope you enjoy these works and let anyone that you would know who would enjoy them visit these pages to indulge in them. Thank you.

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