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Dairenn Lombard
Tel: 323-294-5387
Pgr : 800-863-9058
P.O. Box 43013
Los Angeles, CA
[email protected]

Objective: To install, maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade UNIX Operating Systems and UNIX software for Internet services.


Skills & Experience:
  • A combined eight years of UNIX, Windows/NT,
    Windows98, Windows95, MS-DOS Installation,
    Configuration and Systems Management.
  • Three years of Electronic Bulletin Board operation
  • Three years of IRC network operation and
  • Basic TCP/IP Network Administration
  • Six years of Technical Support experience.
  • Intermediate HTML Programming.
  • Musical composer & songwriter for 13 years.
  • Four years of audio & sound engineering.
  • Three years of still & motion picture photography.
  • 70-80 WPM Avg. & Excellent spoken and written
    English grammar.
  • Basic Japanese language (spoken only).

  • General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.)
    Oak Meadow School
    Post Office Drawer Q
    Blacksburg, VA 24063
    (540) 552-9474

(telephone numbers available upon request):

  • Bill Johnson, Apartment Manager; Los Angeles, CA
  • Michael Hernandez, Landlord; Glendale, California
  • Lynda Gulliver, Friend; Lawndale, California
  • Greg Domeno, President/CEO of Cyberverse Online
  • Ron A. Wasserman, West Hollywood, California.
  • Koichi Sakamoto, Acquaintence; Van Nuys, California.
  • Jason Allan Slocomb; Los Angeles, California.
  • Peter Mikhaliv, McKinsey & Company, Inc.
  • Cliff Young, President of InternetConnect,
    Los Angeles, California.
  • Lauren W. Wiley; Los Angeles, California.
  • Donn Montoya; Sales Manager of InternetConnect,
    Los Angeles, California.
  • Jeff Nessen; Director of Technical Service at
    InternetConnect, Los Angeles, California.
Work History:
  • InternetConnect, Inc. Systems Administrator;
    Supervisor: Jeff Nessen
    Duties: UNIX Server Management, Technical Support
    October, 1998 Present.
  • McKinsey & Company, Inc. Data Entry;
    Supervisor: Peter Mikhaliv
    July, 1998 September, 1998
  • LinkEasy Network Technical Support;
    Supervisor: Jason Slocomb
    Duties: Domain Name registrations, Webhosting and
    dial-up/e-mail technical support.
    December, 1997 July, 1998
  • Cyberverse Online Webmaster;
    Supervisor: Greg Domeno
    June, 1996 April, 1997
  • InfoLink Cosmos System Operator
    December, 1992 December, 1995