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In 1990, I developed an interest in photography because of experimentation with our ancient Poloroid camera.  I've always loved having my picture taken but it wasn't until 1996 that I got a Fun Saver picture and began shooting willy nilly that I became impressed with the beautiful images I could create.  Research is my specialty but everybody knows that the king of film is Kodak and the king of cameras was pretty much Kodak, Canon and Panavision.  I developed an appreciation for other cameras, though, like Arri for motion photography and Sony for digital video.  Once I knew what kind of life paintings you could make with light, I discovered I really love photography.

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The Canon EOS-IX APS SLR camera is cheaper than most professional cameras (minus the lens) but better because despite the 24mm Advantix film format, there are many technological advantages: midroll re-wind and eject so you can change ISO film-speeds mid-session, data storage on the magnetic disc in the film container, negatives stored in the film cassette for dust-free storage, automatic threading to avoid accidental exposure of the first frames and damaging the film sprockets from improper loading.  The camera itself features professional controls (manual exposure, manual focus, manual zoom, etc.) with the ability to automate any one of them.  That's not including standard Canon features such as exposure presets (Portrait, Sports, Spotlight, Nature, Night, etc.) and the most important feature with EOS cameras, universally interchangeable lenses.  You can take the lens off this camera and use it on another EOS camera.  You can also use any Canon lens on this camera.  Canon does make a digital SLR but it still costs thousands of dollars. 

Canon XL-1 The Canon XL-1 Digital Camcorder doesn't look like a camcorder because it's the only digital video camera  that isn't a Betacam-SP broadcast camera in the world with interchangeable lenses like their EOS SLR cameras.  You can use some of Canon's lenses for their SLR cameras on THIS camera!  Professional picture quality is supported by electronic stabilization as well as the ability to use filters for creative tints.  It features CD-quality digital audio sound, digital output through IEEE-industry standard FIreWire).  All this on a MiniDV video cassette which can record over an hour of footage.  With the ability to output footage to a computer, you can do non-linear editing, apply special effects, mix in a sound effects and music.  Please note, I do not use this camera.

I am available for outdoor portrait photography and portrait photography at the indoor location of your choice (as long as you have permission to be there, in case it isn't a place you own or rent/lease) by appointment only.  Rates are negotiable.  Because I am a "pro-am" photography, work will be retained for portfolio purposes only unless a specific request is made.  Adult photography requires a valid, government-issued photo ID.  Prints are delivered discretely and are never re-distributed.  Any persons being photographed, regardless of whether or not for profit, must sign a release, waiving their right to pursuing the right to recover damages for the use of their likeness and fully authorizing that, basically, I can take that person's picture.

People interested in having me take pictures for them should either e-mail , or write:

Dairenn Lombard
PO Box 43013
Los Angeles, CA  90043

Please feel free to inquire about obtaining samples of some photography I have done.