These are, in my opinion the most talented actors, actresses, writers, directors, composers and other performers out of everything that I've ever seen. Hyperlinks lead to the Internet Movie Data base, a highly comprehensive website for information relating to every single motion picture and television series or movie-of-the-week ever produced or about to be produced in just about every country in the world--including the cast and crew most of the time. This information commonly consists of data provided by the seemingly infinite number of internet users all over the globe. Despite this public domain information source, the database is surprisingly accurate. While less popular material has lesser amounts of data, most programs (including seemingly obscure productions) and movies include a wide variety of data. Everything from a complete cast and crew is listed to plot summaries, filming locations, reviews and business/technical information.


Sorted by characterization talents, attention-sustaining performances and timing/delivery for comedian actors.


At least six of these women I have at least been momentarily attracted to at some point in time during my youth. I have yet to become so infatuated with someone I've never met since. Sorted by attention-acheiving performance, delivery for comedy and appearance (in some cases, these are naturally omited in favor of their actual talent).

Voice Actors & Actresss

Sorted by quantity of productions contributed to, vocal characterizations provided, dissimilarity between characters created, delivery, timing and convincing quality of performance. Because ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording) sessions are non-linear with the final cut being a result of up to two days worth of digital editing and effects processing, certain factors innate to on-screen acting are omitted in favor of the entertainment value provided by the voice artist's performance.

Musical Score Composers

Other than photography, music is one of the only other things in my life of non-mechanical, almost purely artistic quality that makes it worth living. And as such, these composers deserve the limelight here within this web page for their talented work in the field of music on television and motion picture.

Directors, Writers and other Crew

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