Music is a very big part of my life. I can hardly read it or write it, but I understand it--beyond words. And being a musician since 1986, it is very difficult to impress my ears. Anything more than naming a note I hear may be more than what I know but music is a universal language humans can speak that conveys a message everyone understands. The best muscians are those who can say many things with only seven notes to work with.

These are the musicians whom seem to have either mastered or stumbled upon creating at least one great song in their careers. Unsigned artists are not listed only because they may be trying to get corporate attention and having unofficial sites with information about them may pose legal problems to the artists who want to be contracted by a record label. These few artists, however, do know who I am and understand I appreciate their work almost more so than the ones listed here.

Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

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