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Metro Red Line

The Metro Red Line runs every 7-10 minutes between Union Station under Gateway Center where the Gateway Plaza (MTA Headquarters) is. It connects with the Metro Blue Line at its 7th Street stop and it takes approximately one half hour to complete its run terminating at Wilshire Boulevard and Western Avenue. When completed, the Red Line will continue North on Vermont Avenue through Hollywood before running beneath the Santa Monica Mountains to North Hollywood, eventually terminating in Universal City.

Platforms and stations are well lit, monitored and frequently patrolled by Metro Policemen and Women. Like the blue line, Red Line subways are wheelchair and bicycle friendly (although, you must obtain a special pass from Metro to bring a bicycle aboard any Metro vehicle). The subways travel up to 55 Miles Per Hour and tunnels are made of steel rib re-enforced concrete with trains traveling in the opposite direction receiving its own tube (except for track junctions).

The following sections include information about the Metro Red Line

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