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Metro Green Line

The Metro Green Line runs every 10-15 minutes between Norwalk and Redondo Beach predominately via the center of the Interstate 105 Century Freeway. Many metro bus line routes were altered so that southbound trips would connect with Green Line stations along the Glenn-Anderson freeway. The Green Line effectively provides headache-free transportation to the Los Angeles International Airport with free shuttle bus service downstairs on the street level. These leave every 7-10 minutes and service every LAX terminal. The Metro Green Line also connects with the Metro Blue Line at the Willowbrook Station.

Metro Green Line travels at 55 miles per hour via the 105 freeway but leaves the freeway at its Aviation Station. Here, the Metro Green Line becomes a pseudo-monorail. Like the Blue Line, it is also powered by electricity (independant of the DWP so during a city-wide power-outage, Metro's light rail service still runs).

Platforms and stations are well lit, monitored but elevated platforms at non-freeway stations do not have guards so be careful around the edge of the station. It is at least a 60 foot drop! Like the blue and red lines, the Green Line is wheelchair and bicycle friendly (although, you must obtain a special pass from Metro to bring a bicycle aboard any Metro vehicle).

The following sections include information about the Metro Green Line

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