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Metro Bus

There are almost 3,000 busses being operated by almost 10,000 professional commercial transit bus operator for 200 bus lines that extend as far Northwest as the San Fernando Valley, as far Southewest as the Southbay and as far East as Pomona. Some lines run 24 hours a day and service can be as frequent as every seven minutes. And this is not including the dozens of bus lines operated by such agencies as Santa Monica Munciple 'Big Blue Bus', Culver City Bus, Torance Transit, Gardena Transit, Foothill Transit, Santa Clarita Valley Transit, Antelope Valley Transit. Also, various shuttle services provided by LADOT such as their various DASH (Downtown Area Shuttle Hop) services.

And, in an effort to reduce air polution--most busses bought after 1996 use CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) which burns cleaner than diesel fuel, leaves no smell or visible exhaust.

The following sections include information about Metro's fleet.

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