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Automotive Mechanic-oriented information regarding the engine, drive-train and SPID chart & translation.

Vehicle Identification Number: 1G1BL5378NR137317

  • Country of Origin: America

  • Manufacturer: GM

  • Make: Chevrolet

  • Model: Caprice Sedan

  • Body: 4-door Sedan

  • Restraint System: Active (manual) belts w/driver air bag

  • Engine Type: 205 HP 5.7lt. V8

  • Year: 1992

  • Plant: Arlington, Texas

  • 37, 317th vehicle this type.

L05 5.7lt. 8-cyl. gasoline engine; 205hp, top speed: 135mph


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Engine SEO Code:
Displacement: 350 cu. in.
Cylinder Capacity:
5.7 liters
Cylinder Configuration: "V"-shape
Fuel System Type: Throttle Body Injection
Horsepower: 205 @ 4400 R.P.M.
Torque: 300lbs. @ 2800 R.P.M.
Bore x Stroke (inches): 4.000 x 3.480
Compression Ratio: 9.8:1
Oil Pres.: 18 psi @ 2000 R.P.M.
Horsepower: 205 @ 44 R.P.M.
Standing-Start Acceleration: 0-60 M.P.H. in 7.1 seconds
Top-Speed: 133 M.P.H.

Transmission and Drive Train

Transmission: Hydra-Matic 4L60 (formerly 700R4) built in Toledo, Ohio.
Valve Train: 16 Valves

Service Parts Information Decal (SPID):

AAT AA7 AG1 AJ3 ARL AS7 AU3 A75 A76 A90 C1J C60 DG7
MX0 MA5 N30 N40 N81 N97 P17 P2B R4Y R6D R7T R7U R9W
UL5 UQ0 U11 U73 VK3 VQ2 VZ2 V08 V73 YK6 Y10 01L 01U
1AA 1K5 1PL 1SA 1AZ 1T1 1Z2 20I 20N 209 41Q 5AQ 6A2
6A3 6B2 6E8 6F8 6N5 6TS 6Y5 7B3 7L9 7P8 7TS 7X9 7Y6
7Z5 8RJ 9C1 9RJ                  

The above SEO codes means that my vehicle has the following equipment:

AAT Quick-Opening Windows
AA7 Power Windows
AG1 6-way power driver seat & adjuster (switch); split bench seats.
AJ3 SRS (Airbags, Driver Side)
ARL Assembly Plant: Arlington, Texas (GM)
AS7 Split Front Seats
AU3 Power Locks
A75 Heavy-Duty spring-cusion seats  (rear)
A76 Heavy-Duty spring-cusion seats  (rear)
A90 Power Lock Trunk Release
C1J Invoice Adjustment
C60 HVAC Air Conditioning System (non-automatic)
DG7 Power Side Mirrors, Painted (the shell, not the glass)
D3V Gear, Speedo Driven
D8N Vehicle Speed Sensor
EGW Fleet Program "Delayed Warning"
E52 83" Wrap Around Doors
E9Z Do not install Electronic Key system
FLT Fleet Processing (GM will make an ordered quantity of cars one way to be uniform)
GU6 3.42 Rear Axle Ratio
IHN Trim - Interior Design
JA2 Heavy Weight Disc & Drum Brakes
JM4 Frnt Disc/Rear Drum, Cast-Iron, Pwr-Assisted brakes w/ABS (Antilock Braking System)
KW2 124v amp generator
L05 8, 5.7 liter cylinders, "V"-shape configuration (205 HP @ 4400, 300 lb-ft @ 2800), 1 TBI
MD8 4-speed Automatic Transmission (THM 700 R4)
MX0 Overdrive Transmission (-ed note: that thing kicks butt)
NA5 Federal Emission System
N30 Deluxe Steering System
N40 Power Steering (non-variable)
N81 Full-Size Spare Tire (that is cool)
N97 15x7 Heavy-Duty Wheels
P17 Cover Spare Wheel
P2B Not listed (possibly unlisted black & whte paint scheme)
R4Y Goodyear Tires
R7T Unknown
R7U Unknown
R9W Unknown
UL5 Do Not Install Dashboard Audio Head (radio/cassette system)
UQ0 Speaker System 4, Dual Front Door Mounted, Dual Standard Range, Quarter Shelf
U11 Cluster, Instrument, Police, Certified Speedometer
U73 Fixed Radio Antenna
VK3 License Plate Front Mounting Package
VQ2 Fleet Program w/out Dealer Assistance
VZ2 Calibration, Speedometer A
V08 Heavy-Duty Cooling System
V73 Vehicle Statement: US/Canada
YK6 SEO Identifier (the vehicle itself is a special-equipment option)
Y10 10.5" Ring Gear (Saginaw)
01L Exterior Color, Secondary, Special
01U Exterior Color, Primary, Special
1AA Do not provide retail amentities as sales incentive.
1K5 Lever, Auto Transmission, Low Gear Lockout (high-speed operation damage prevention)
1PL Police Paint Scheme
1SA Paint Scheme 01
1SZ Unlisted Package Type
1T1 Hose, Radiator and Heater, Silicone Rubber
1Z2 Anti-Corrosion Hot Melt Pads
20I Interior Trim: Very Dark Sapphire
20N Trim Combination: Vinyl (Very Dark Sapphire)
209 Seat Belt Color: Very Dark Sapphire
41Q Molding Color: Black
5AQ Tire - P225/70HR15RV BL R/PE ST TL AL3
6A2 Steering Column Single-Key Operation (SEO)
6A3 Heavy-Duty Floor Mat (rubber)
6B2 Rear Door Handle Does Nothing (re-connected when auctioned)
6E8 Cylinder Unit (for Single Key Operation)
6F8 Ashtray, Front Door (right side)
6N5 Rear Door Window Handle/Button Does Nothing (re-connected when auctioned)
6TS Spring - Computer Selected; Front, Left-Hand Side
6Y5 Do Not Affix Chevrolet Emblem Over Rear Keyhole
7B3 Special-Handling Suspension System (front/rear stablizer bars, stiff springs & shocks)
7L9 Steering System: Oil Cooling System
7P8 External Oil Engine Cooling System
7TS Spring - Computer Selected; Front, Right-Hand Side
7X9 Spotlamps and "provisions" (put holes in the pilars), Left & Right sides
7Y6 Dome Lamp Does Not Light When Headlights On & Door(s) Is/Are Open
7Z5 Additional Circuit Breakers (12-volt); for electronic police equipment
8RJ Spring - Computer Selected; Rear, Right-Hand Side
9C1 Police Car: Heavy-Duty thick-gauge metal frame, 140amp alternator, 770 CCA Battery, 154MPH speed limiter, Specially-Balanced drive-shaft, Radio Bonding (grounding) Strap package to prevent noise from electrical interference and location of trunk latch release button under dashboard left of steering wheel.
9RJ Spring - Computer Selected; Rear, Left-Hand Side

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