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April, 1992 - June, 2002

Why this memorial?

The vehicle you see above represented years of endurance, planning and great timing.  It represents the fact that odds were beaten and a seemingly unacheivable goal was indeed acheived.  It represents the fact that nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough.  The old saying goes "necessity is the mother of invention" and the need for independent, reliable transportation that suited me (which this car's appearance did) invented the means in which I'd finally gotten this car.  What was lost was a symbol of my ability to get my share in life.

The History

Kate has seen some trying times not more than a year after getting a second owner.  On February 5 2001, she was stolen by a one-eyed, first-time auto thief with a wife and kids. If it weren't for LoJack, Kate would've never been recovered by the Los Angeles Sheriff's department.  However, due to modifications to the vehicle, almost $1,700 was spent restoring the vehicle. April 10th, a hit-and-run traffic collision dented its left rear fender.  And for the last seven months of 2001, the sedan would be subject to vandalism by juvenile delinquents.  This included scratches the door and drunk, a cracked windshield, a massive dent in the rear left door and a broken top middle right tail light.  After more than $750 was paid to fix the damage, a new dent along with two scratches and a black sharpee mark on the hood was found on the morning of June 17th, 2002.

Almost a half a year had passed since the vandalism stopped, giving a chance to relax.  However, when those new marks were found, it became cause for concern.  A greater concern than was anticipated.

The Accident

Distracted by worry over new vandalism to be expected, a stop sign was not seen while en route to work and the Caprice collided with a Mitsubishi Montero.  Nobody got hurt, and the insurance company was able to handle the family's injury claim but not the repairs to my vehicle.  The cost to repair it went over the value of the car, rendering it a total loss.  My choices were to retain it under a salvage title, not retain full insurance coverage and live with whatever future problems it might have, or, give it to the insurance company, get paid and go buy another car.  I opted for the second solution.

If and/or when a new car is acquired, these pages shall be updated.


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