Interests and Disinterests

Kind of an awkward title for a web page but it was better than saying Turn Ons & Turn Offs, so with that in mind, I think I made a pretty good choice.
As the name of it would suggest, this web page outlines and details what I am and am not interested in. This homepage of mine is litterally the fastest way to get to know me. I wont mind answering questions to anything here you didn't understand. However, pretty much, everything here I re-iterate on a daily basis. I would imagine I could at least cut down on repeating myself by writing this web page. Because, pretty much, everything here, I re-iterate on a daily basis.

In other words--if you're talking to me and don't quite know what's the story with me yet, read this...

What I am interested in:

This list is not all-inclusive (and can never be for I have no idea what I'm completely not interested in until I have had contact with it). If you are offended by this list, I suggest you go some place safe from offensive material such as outer space. Many of my interests are listed in the Hobbies & Skills page; such as music, story writing, computers, photography and martial arts. This will generally list what I am into that has no particular story behind it. Please note that sex never made it onto the list because I have classified it as a biological necessity of a non-fatal type and not a psycholgically introduced desire. Because of this fact, if you would like to know more about how I feel in this area, go ahead and . However, just to prevent some of you from wasting your time--I am heterosexual.

What I Am Not interested in:

Please do not bring any of these topics up, ask me about why I'm not interested in these things or even let me catch you talking about it in my presence! (Kidding, of course...) This here is a list of things I simply have no inspiration to become involved in. People have tried non-stop to make sure that is otherwise but guess what? People don't change. Experience and knowledge may add things onto your personality and perhaps even modify the way you behave as well as all of the influences that surround you like the people you live with or around. However--none of these factors can fundimentally change the core of you. If you are an evil person, there is no amount of rehabilitation that can "fix" you. Fortunately, not too many people out there fit that description. Most people do bad things because they're stupid, but, that's another thing I'm not interested in, so let's get on with this list.
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