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It has been said that nobody stops to think about--fill in the blank here. Most people do not cogitate on anything that happens in life. They merely accept what they have been told because it is safer and, more importantly, easier to do so. Questioning and investigating the reasoning behind anything is perhaps the one thing that you might do for which will land you in the middle of so much trouble. People you thought were your friends will suddenly no longer be there for you. Jobs will be tougher to keep. Neighbors will be harder to live around. Family may get harder on you. However, this is a natural reaction to anyone who is after the truth. Detectives wear guns because they know that whoever is behind what they're investigating will try to stop them from uncovering the truth. Because when everyone knows what is going on, the ones getting away with getting something for nothing wont get it anymore.

I owe a great deal to my mother, Valerie Lombard. Like any child, one will have long moments of strongly disliking their parents. Either because of something necessary or unnecessary. However, the way in which she raised me led me to an understanding that has brought what seems to be impossibly complex to the average person into indubious clarity to me. And this sort of knowledge gives you confidence because you will find that, throughout your life, people are constantly trying to change your mind. One of your friends will tell you something or someone is good or bad while another one will say to you the opposite. It doesn't matter what it is--what matters is getting you to believe in their opinion. And this might be useful when asking an expert on computers how to resolve a problem with your computer. However, when it comes to the ethics and morality of man's actions. You must never let your decision be based on whoever you like most at the moment.

Principles that you live by determine the quality of your life. Are you constantly at fear you will be mugged in the park? Your car will be stolen? Your house will be robbed? Your children will be among the growing number of handgun vicitims on a school campus? These things do not happen at random nor are they accidents. Believe it or not, the way you live your life has every single bit as much to do with your physical security as anything else will.

I am not trying to be a "good person" so that I may be perceived as such in the eyes of others. That is what people might be doing now but even more people are not because there is less to gain than there is in stepping on others on your way up to heaven. The very first people to ask the question, "Why did this man do this thing that made no sense?" were the first people to invent things like philosophy. Psychology. And even religion. These are the tools that we use to find out why our minds do what they do so that we as human beings can stop hurting each other. It is not about trying to appear holy, keeping a positive image and having the respect of others. If a person in an insane asylum accuses of you being crazy, you wont care will you?

Why care what a bunch of people who may be college or even university educated, have high-paying careers, have seen the world and have many friends that turn right around and go to this building every week to publicly state that they firmly believe in a fairy tale? Man could be excused thousands of years ago when medicine, science and technology were more fantasy than reality. However, we are coming upon the 21st century. And if Man Kind is to live on to the 22nd century and not destroy ourselves so we can go beyond that century--he must let go of what is safe; the known. And seek what man fears most--the unknown.

And, for most people alive today, the unknown is the truth about ourselves.


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