Need my details in a snap-shot format?  Here it is!  I still wish the DMV made license plates with the "Sunshine State" logo because I still think it's prettier than just the handwritten logo used for the sesquicentennial plates.    



ICQ 26911198 

 P.O. Box 43013
 Los Angeles, CA  90043


 B.T.: ABO+

Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
 Ht: 5'6" (168cm) Wt: 146lbs (67kg) DOB: 06-05-80
 E-Mail Address:  

Born 11:55am Pacific Time, Thursday, June 5, 1980 @ 6041 Cadillac Av., Los Angeles, Calif. 90034-1702 (34.0312 Lat, -118.3966 Lon)