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Who is she?

Born in Paris, Texas on May 23rd, 1961 with brown hair and hazel eyes; Leech grew up in Houston working odd jobs that included duties in various different departments of local supermarkets and waiting tables elsewhere while babysitting on the side.  Initially, however, it was her intention to become a professional dancer.  So, at age 9, she began training--eventually with the Houston ballet.  Later, while working to attain a degree at Florida State University, Beverly tutored English and taught ballet to fellow students; outside of college, she was a dance captain at Six Flags Astroworld and saleswoman at JCPenny's.  Upon graduating, Beverly Leech spent more time as a secretary and substitute teacher than she did waiting tables, but, it was not until she moved to Hollywood and landed several temporary positions at theatrical agencies and production companies that she began to become a full-time actress.

Prior to that, Leech worked professionally with musicals at Theatre Under the Stars and eventually became a company member of Casa Manana in Fort Worth and was signed by an agent from Dallas.  This sparked speaking roles in commercials among other opportunities.   In 1983, Ed McMahon hosted CBS' "Star Search" television program and though it is recently only an occasional broadcast special, its popularity in the early 1980s drove it's producers across the nation to eventually Fort Worth where it didn't air.   Regardless, a videotape recording of her led to Beverly arriving in Los Angeles to appear (despite her wishes to work in New York).  Regardless, she was ceaselessly amazed by how many months this continued and as a result, two agencies presented offers to her.

Beverly Leech's favorite motion picture character to play was Willie Gee in STREET CORNER JUSTICE because of her "piss and vinegar" (I guess because I'm such a young whipper-snapper, I needed that translated to mean 'spunk' by a friend).  Her favorite film was SUNSET because of director Blake Edwards.  Beverly's favorite television program to work on was NBC's Quantum Leep and her favorite television character to play was Reba in Midnight Runaround (TV-movie).   On stage, Leech's favorites included City of Angeles on Broadway and Peter Pan "because it was my first, breakthrough part early in my career."

Beverly Leech now resides near the Santa Clarita valley in Southern California, raising her daughter.


How come I put this web page together

I first discovered Beverly Leech in February, 1990 on a segment of PBS' CTW produced television series known as "Square One Television" called Mathnet.   She starred as Kate Monday to partner George Frankly played by Joe Howard.   Leech appeared on the first three years of the series until leaving after the third season. Unlike the rest of Square One, Mathnet was filmed entirely on location in Los Angeles until season three. Those episodes were shot in New York City and, ironically, Mathnet had an uncanny number of famous guests including James Earl Jones and Wayne Knight.

Mathnet was a crime-drama for children using mathematics to solve mysteries; based on the Radio series "Dragnet". A program of this nature could have been made a lot less intelligent, humorous and entertaining as it actually was.  However, fortunately, Leech and Howard had an undeniable chemistry with his awkward but loyal and unorthodox dedication to mathematics. And her no-nonsense, business-like approach to solving crimes. Supporting actors and actresses as well as brilliantly concieved stories led to some of the most entertaining moments PBS had ever broadcasted.  The production values were quite high, including some appropriate and enjoyable background music cues.

Until time permits an episode-by-episode guide is written for this site, here is a link to a Mathnet Episode Guide. However, if you have ever watched Mathnet on Square One Television--it is needless to further elaborate on yet another CTW masterpiece in the archive of programs funded by the corporation for public broadcasting.

The compelling performance from Beverly in the fifth and final part of the episode "The View from the Rear Terrace" pierced the heart of an 11 year old boy to begin a four year long infatuation with the actress.  And so, in 1993; he set out to learn about Beverly Leech and what other things she performed in to watch even more compelling performances.  Despite knowing a response was unlikely, a letter was written to her that fall.  On May 10th, 1994 he received a hand-written note accompanied by this picture much to his personal gratification.   Having been written recently, I can't deny feeling a little high even though I'm 20 now.  What can I say?  I suppose I prefer mature women.  ^_-


Motion Picture Roles

Many of her appearances consisted of "Movie-of-the-Week" or, better known as, TV-Movies. However, some of her roles have been in feature length productions such as the Saturday Night Live spin-off, "It's Pat" (based on their sketch of a person whose gender is impossible to determine).


Television Apperances

It is difficult to understand how one could become taken away by Beverly Leech from her role as Kate Monday. However, it takes a special eye and one heluvan appreciation for the opposite gender. Be that as it may--it is far easier to determine what the attraction was from her other television appearances. Some of the following have been made by her in (hopefully) chronological order.  The asterisk mark that looks like * indicates a role played in multiple and/or all episodes.

Beverly Leech also appeared in a 1995 (not 1992, my bad memory erroneously reported previously) commercial advertisement in the US for Skintimate, a skin care lotion for women.

Beverly was also in a couple of UPN shows too but...I don't even think she'd want me to put that on the internet.


Beverly Leech has appeared in approximately thirty theatrical productions including:



Asside from acting, Beverly Leech apparently has a wide assortment of skills that were hardly exploited throughout her involvement in the production of Mathnet. Some of these skills include: Horseback Riding (although we do see this in a second season episode of Mathnet), Water Skiing, Softball, Baby Burping (tee-hee), Volkswagen Engine Repair (a skill picked up at FSU).   She has received extensive training in Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz, Folk, Laban, Ballrom and even some attap dancing (heh-heh).  Apparently, Leech can sing Belt/Mezzo Soprano and Beverly's acting experience consisted of Stella Adler, Adam Hill, Shakespeare (American Globe), BFA/FSU.  Newly appearing on her resume: fighting.  At 5'7", she's two inches taller than I am.  I don't want to find how well.  ;-)


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