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We feel charging by the hour is a necessary, although, highly expensive system.   There is no way to fairly pay studio owners, engineers and/or musicians without it.   However, it can be really expensive because there is a lot of time consumed in just the musicians getting used to the studio or engineer(s) and visa versa.  Plus, to get the kind of solid gold product you might be looking for could take months of long hours per day at a recording studio costing thousands of dollars.

At Artist Bros. Studios, Music is composed, arranged and performed by our studio musicians and recorded, mixed and mastered by our in-house engineers.  This completely integrated process allows us to quickly produce real music for your needs without the above hassles  Because of this, we can charge by the project, not by the hour.

Here's what we have in mind:

Type of Music Recording Fee
Jingle (1-14 sec.) $25/version
Commercial (15-30 sec.) $75/version
Op. Theme (30-120 sec.) $100/min.
Telephone Hold Music $60/loop.
MIDI soundtrack for Video/Computer Game $50/pc.
BGM/Score to Video/Film $40/scene (TV) $90/scene (other)
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack $400 ($500 for AB produced song lyrics)
Song (you provide lyrics/style) $85 per 3min.

Because composers do not belong to unions such as ASCAP, BMI, etc., Artist Bros. Music retains full copyrights to all music produced in lieu of royalties.  We give express written permission to clients having music produced as a "Work For Hire" so they can use it legally.

If you would like more information or would be interested in beginning a project, please click here.

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