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Recently, publishers have made recordings of their best-selling novels and sold them to the visually impaired or the advid reader without the time to enjoy a good book.   With books on tape, you can listen to your favorite stories on cassette during your commute, while cooking or in other environments where your eyes are required.  Artist Bros. Entertainment has prepared cassettes with, not only narration, but music and sound effects similar to dramas heard on the radio during the early 20th century.  Music on storycassettes are available on cassette or CD by clicking here.

The following is the complete catalog of storycassettes sold online by Artist Bros. Audio.  You can read additional information regarding any publication by clicking on its title.

Title Date of Release Genre
"Beyond the Bermuda Triangle" May 31, 1999 Adventure/Fantasy


Information about the above titles are listed below; formats are listed as c for Cassette or CD for Compact Disc--the numbers indicated is the minutes from the beginning of the first cut/track to the end of the last cut/track.


All cassettes are digitally mastered for clarity and recorded using Dolby® "B" noise reduction as well as Dolby® HX-Pro" for maximum headroom (distortion reduction).  Reduce treble response on non-dolby equipment.  No special playback equipment is necessary for HX-Pro" recorded cassettes.  Dolby System is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

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