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Got a great looking banner advertising your web site, IRC channel, product or service?   If it's 600 x 40 pixels and you have a web page we can point it to, you can rent screen space at our web site!

Television shows are paid for by sponsers buying air time for their 30 second long commercial.  Accordingly, Artist Bros. is on the web through selling screen space at 30 seconds per advertisement.  Your 256 color GIF is much wider than the 440 by 40 pixel banners at most banner link exchange programs because our site situates your commercial directly between the main window and the toolbar on the bottom, allowing us to let you have an extra 240 pixels in width.  More text and longer graphics makes for a more attractive advertisement we feel.

Interested?  Check out this chart illustrating our rates:

Duration Monthly Fee With Top-4sm Priority
1 Month $8.95/mo. $14.95/mo.
3 Months $19.95 $29.95
6 Months $29.95 $40
Year $40 $59.99

What is Top-4sm Priority?

Top-4sm is where your commercial is within the first four advertisements that appear in the 30-second rotary.  Every thirty seconds, a new advertisement appears and whoever appears in the first four (or two minutes worth) is determined on a first-come, first-serve basis.  However, you can pay to be in that top-four even if your advertisement was received after someone else's.

Where you are in the first four advertisements is still determined on a first-come, first serve basis, but, normally, ads submitted are placed at the first position and are thus, the first ad that appears everytime someone visits our web site.  Normal advertisements are added to the end of the advertisements are not sorted.

Want to submit an ad?

Cool.  Fill out this form and we'll contact you for confirmation.  Once we receive your Money Order, your advertisement will be processed and put online the following Monday evening.  It will remain there for four Monday's.  Your subsequent money order must arrive before the fifth Monday comes in order to continue your commercial on that day.

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Top-4sm Priority

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