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What is Artist Brothers?

This web site has been established for the purpose of distributing prose fiction for those interested in storybook entertainment--often accompanied by original artwork and music.  Artist Bros. most commonly produces two forms of stories:  episodic (serial) similar to a television series with individual episodes and stand-alone--written to resemble a feature-length motion picture.  This work is freely published for the Internet user who does enjoy using their computer for reading.  This web site is paid for and produced by Base IX Communications in Hollywood, California for the cause of increased fiction literature for online enjoyment.  Funding is provided by advertisers and Artist Bros. Enterprises.


The history of the Artist Brothers

Artist Bros. is the name used by Dairenn and Ondre Lombard in Los Angeles, California for any artwork, music or stories produced by either of them.  Since May of 1990, the siblings have co-produced stories, music and artwork for the entertainment of the Lombard household but have since taken to recording their works in the forms of stories and cassettes featuring scores of music and out-of-print Radio Drama-style performances.   Dairenn has written a possible 400 stories (counting individual episodes for all serials) and created over five dozen instrumentals not including songs while Ondre has written hundreds of parodies and drawn an untold amount of pictures for Artist Bros. Productions.

On December 23, 1992, an electronic bulletin board services owned and operated by the Lombard household opened in Los Angeles and became apart of three major BBS networks for the software used for their board:  WWIVnet, IceNET and TerraNET.  The InfoLink Cosmos, the BBS run by Dairenn Lombard, also hosted its own network NovaNet.  Via these international networks, Artist Bros. distributed hundreds of episodes for original and fan-based series as well as GIF and Jpeg images of artwork and ANSI-Music for serials Artist Bros. produced.

At the beginning of 1995--Artist Bros. began distributing their material via an FTP directory hosted by El Segundo, California-based Cyberverse Online before publishing an elementary web page that late spring.  It was learned then that their most popular work was the parody of a Saban Entertainment's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers broadcasted in America on the Fox Kids Network.  There were over 100 episodes parodied with some original episodes written, parodies of the Public Service Announcements and lyrics to The Mighty RAW's songs on Saban Cool Kids Records's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the alubm: A Rock Adventure supposedly produced by "The Mighty Uncooked".  (Ironically, the secondary co-writer for the Artist Bros. parody Mighty Weenie Pathetic Rangers is a fan of the series and had been since October, 1993 with contacts including music producers, action directors and voice actors at Saban).

September, 1995, Artist Bros. concentrated its efforts on original works beginnning with the elementary action series entitled Earth Defender RoboMan--slated to run three seasons.  In February, 1997 (half way through the second season), its run on the Artist Bros. web site (updated Winter, 1996) was canceled for re-tooling.   RoboMan is scheduled to debut with special edition releases of first season episodes beginning Fall, 1998.

A new concept for Artist Bros. in the area of "television"-class stories was the introduction of the only English, American made super-sentai; a sub-genre of tokusatsu existing in Japan since 1975 with the program Himitsu Sentai Gorenjaa (which translates to "Secret War Team Five Rangers") produced by Toei Co., Ltd with 84 episodes--the longest run for any sentai series.  The 22nd sentai (and 20th super-sentai) series produced by Toei for February, 1998 is Seijuu Sentai Gingaman (Star-Beast War Team Galaxy Men).  These programs have been the basis for Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Turbo, and Power Rangers in Space since Toei's 1992 sentai Kyouruu Sentai Juurenjaa (Dinosaur War Team Beast Rangers; Toei's english title is "Galaxy Rangers" for an unknown reason).  Artist Bros. series is entitled: Galaxy Task Force Astroranger (which would be "Ginga Sentai Asutororenjaa" in Japanese).  It was first released February 21, 1997 (exactly five years after ZYURANGER/Jurenjaa was released) with a song collection cassette released June 27, 1997.  Astroranger is the only series with as much extensive artwork and music accompanying episodes released weekly.

Sentai serials are unlike American programs which last as long as their popularity remains high.  For quality control, super-sentai has a delimited number of episodes and usually a run-time of one year to complete a beginning, middle, story-arc and surprise ending.  This prevents many problems: cast/writer burn-out, bad episodes being produced from lack of  ideas, continuity mistakes and so on.  Toei's solution to sentai's popularity verses the limited number of episodes was to maintain a tradition of super-sentai programs over a period of 23 years and counting.  Each sentai has its own story and cast with different villains, weapons and other vehicles/machinery and the plots never intermingle.  They are by definition independant serials and not "spin-offs" such as any given Star Trek series by Paramount Pictures.

In February, 1998--Artist Bros. plans to re-release Astroranger for a second year due to an overwhelming amount of requests via e-mail.  This encore presentation will include either entirely re-written or all-new episodes through episode #26 and feature RealAudio (.RA files) sound clips from songs on the Galaxy Task Force Astroranger Song Collection, Vol. 1 cassette Summer, 1998.  In February, 1999--Artist Bros. will begin its second super-sentai class series: Computer Task Force Netranger (Dennou Sentai Nettorenjaa) and following its conclusion: National Task Force Dragonranger (? Sentai Ryuurenjaa)

Artist Bros. is always looking for hobbiest writers with an idea for a series or stand-alone fiction that they would like released at the Artist Bros. web site.  If you would be interested in contributing to the library of stories produced and distributed by Artist Bros. Entertainment, complete our story preposal template at the preceeding hyperlink.  If your suggestion has been accepted, then you will be contacted at AB's earliest opportunity and you will be sent a document detailing the terms and conditions under which your story will be distributed and possibly co-produced.  Please note that suggestions immediately become property of Artist Bros. Enterprises upon submittion.

The writers, artists and composers at Artist Bros. Productions are volunteers to produce quality entertainment on the Internet for the World Wide Web.  Any writers wishing to work with AB Productions must understand that there is no financial compensation or obligation from or to Artist Bros. Enterprises whatsoever.  This is done entirely in the spirit of entertaining Internet users who enjoy using their computers to read.

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