Awesome Bridal Shower Trends

Have you been appointed as the head of the bridal posse? Are you the “diva-in-waiting”, the “right-hand woman”- also known as the Maid or Matron of Honor?

If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air for your beloved bride-to-be no ordinary shower will do, consider these great ideas for a day she’ll never forget.

Host a Weekend Trip

Why make it only last a day or an afternoon? Why not rent a cabin or rooms at a bed and breakfast and make an entire weekend out of the festivities? This isn’t an event that happens every day. If you don’t want it to be over so quickly, make it last a couple of days! There will sure to be more to scrapbook about together later.

Craft of How-To Event

Speaking of scrapbooking, try hosting a bridal shower with an activity! Not only does it break the ice and bring all of the bride-to-be’s nearest and dearest together, but it gives your guests something else to take home with them (other than a few darling bridal shower favors, that is-a must have).

Some popular trends for an activity-based bridal shower include cooking class, wine and painting parties, floral arrangement, and crocheting or knitting lessons. Guests will love the hands-on experience.

Here comes the groom…

Bridal showers… there not just for women anymore. Who says the men can’t join the fun? Turn doilies and parasols into pizza and barbeque, and make it a party for all! Couples parties are more like social dinner parties or cookouts. They’re becoming more and more popular as couples are becoming less and less traditional.

Spa Party!

Need we say more? What can be more enjoyable than a relaxing day at the spa with your besties? Everyone can book their packages, don some robes and slippers, and melt away together…

Make sure the spa knows your plans. You’ll want to work in the gift giving and maybe a few games and prizes, don’t forget lunch!

Pizza and Bowling

Trade in the mints and nuts for some pizza and beer! And we don’t mean just because you’re going co-ed. A girls’ night out bridal shower can be just the thing for the bride who’s anything but traditional, or one that just really loves a good time!

Gift Themes

Maybe your bride-to-be has most of what she needs already, but there’s an area where her supplies are lacking. Consider a gift theme party.

Popular themes include cooking-related gifts where guests bring appliances, kitchen gadgets, utensils, cookbooks… anything kitchen!

Other popular themes include other areas of the house like bedroom or bathroom. Lingerie, wine, and entertainment theme ideas are also trending.

A “time-of-day” theme is also a great idea. Assign each guest with a time of the day that corresponds with the theme for their gift. For example, if their assigned time is 6:00 p.m. then dinner-related items work great. If someone receives a midnight time-slot, perhaps champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries have a nice romantic touch.

Sunday Brunch

If your bride is a little more traditional or you don’t think her grandma in attendance would go for beer and pizza, a delicious Sunday brunch is always a great idea. Do-it-yourself, hire a caterer, or visit a restaurant. Brunch is an elegant meal with tasty options.

Make some lovely centerpieces and don’t forget the chic favors so your guests have something to take home with them.

Afternoon Tea

Another classic idea that even the most conventional bride, as well as the most trail-blazing bride will enjoy is the afternoon tea. This is a simple yet stylish way to offer refreshments. The finger foods and simple faire give you more opportunity to host and mingle.

Some of the most darling bridal shower favors are available with a tea party theme. It’s easy to decorate for it as well. Place a few fresh flower bouquets around in lovely vases. Put out plenty of finger sandwiches and cookies, and of course the tea. And voila!

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